USB source current required for 1A charger

I am thinking of buying a Xtar ANT - MC1Plus, but I believe this question would be applicable for any USB powered charger of Li-ion batteries. Is there any reason to have a USB power source capable of more than 1A if the maximum charge current is 1A?

Depending on the efficiency of the charging circuit, the charger might still draw more than 1A from the USB power source. At least there’s no downside to having a more powerful USB source. Check HKJ’s charger reviews here. Most seem to cross the 1A limit by just a hair. However, the MC1 Ant Plus doesn’t so you’d be good with that.

thanks for the feedback, I did read HKJ’s review but it does not say anything about the source current.

The DC input current line in green in the graphs is what you’re looking for.

Indeed the data was right there all along. :person_facepalming:

thank you for the clarification. :beer:

For the Xtar ANT - MC1Plus, 1A is all you can ever use.

Charger Olight UC @

Cheers ^:)

thanks for the recommendation, another 1 cell charger I am considering. Also below 1A from the source.

Probably a 2A USB would be fine.
If it doesn’t make enough current, the charge current may be below 1A, is all.


The ANT is a nice little charger. Hard to beat for as little for $4, with a cable and a little carrying bag which is a nice touch.

The Olight also looks interesting, but if the indicator light is anything like on their Microdoks, it’s very hard for someone who’s red/green colorblind to discern what the status is.

The four blue lights on the ANT are more informative, and scroll to indicate activity and relative charge level.

1A is relatively easy to supply when there are so many 2A capable adapters on the market that will provide plenty of headroom, but still compact.

2A is more difficult. I’m still working through which combination of adapter and cables will allow a larger charger I have to operate at full speed.

I have a different version of the Olight charger for my S1R, and I don’t have a problem with the red vs green. An attractive feature of the Olight is that it could also charge my eneloops. I have not ruled out either at this point. I am purchasing a single cell charger for the D4 I ordered, but since it has not shipped yet, seems like no hurry . . . .