User List ranking

And you deleted that post too. If you are sorry, why do you keep doing it?

Am I a fool for expecting people to mean what they say?

You are if you are talking about Kreisler.

Noted. Thank you.

You’re welcome. :face_with_monocle:

Maybe we could get back on topic. I wouldnt mind being able to sort the User List, with 1 click, after post count. The weekly visualization of kreisler climbing up the list .. would rock my world!! I've seen such board software functionality on some other forums, quite cool i thought:

Let me try to add a poll about this subject in the OP.. ( i know that's not possible ;) )

He is a “TOOL”


kreisler I was just kidding. Hell, I really don”t know what a tool is that context. I meant to add a LOL & forgot. No offense intended. I like your response though.


You wont be able to offend kreisler, even if you actually tried, trust me. :D

offend? insult? why would some friendly BLF fella wanna do this .. to me such harmless innocent ..

hehe *gg*

Not that there is anything wrong with that LOL. That is a VERY pretty girl!


I know NightCrawl, Don”t know what me was thinking.


Just remembered. I recall a forum that showed each member with average daily post count.


Yeah, I know of at least one other forum that does that. If possiblit that would be a nice feature.

i'd still have higher (total) post count than you.

i win.

Yeah but my post count goes up yours goes down. :p

good one, hehe.

Custom made smilies nice. Did you just use paint or is there a website to make them? Nonetheless, I'll be keeping track of score. :P

scaru, you just found a way to stop kreisler to STOP IT!!! TOO FUNNY.


??? Maybe you need to reword that as I have no idea what you mean.

Yeah, but she is Clueless.

F*ckin’ spammers :stuck_out_tongue: (lol, +1 post for me :bigsmile: )