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How can new users find out whose the Top10 poster on BFL?

I noticed that quite a few regulars have 2000+ posts (Boaz, brted, ChiX, dthrckt, edc, E1320, Foy, gcbryan, old4570, trooplewis, Vectrex, ..). Me too, and scaru is chasing me at breakneck posting rate. Does this mean that both of us are as great? :D

Sorry my bad English but i really become Top10!!

Just thought that it would be great to be able to sort all users after post count. Don would be #1 top poster with ~6000 posts. Awesome idea thanks.

Most of these BLF Members Post "QUALITY INFORMATION" not "Quantity of Posts" and along the way they have had some FUN !

kreisler is focusing on quantility for his postings.

But kreisler, does your post count include all your deleted posts? :D :p

^ a day late and a dollar short

Meh—post count is overrated by some

Maybe a “Post-to modifications completed” ratio would be telling lol

I’m going for Miss Congeniality!

Using 13 fake usernames/accounts, I have collected 400,000 fake Facebook friends. I win. :wink:

It’s not how many times you hit the post button. It’s how many times you contribute something useful and are of help to others here.

That was real helpful.

As was yours. :wink:

I try. :bigsmile: Why so serious?


poor keisler -
With 1000+ post i would likely delete a fee also.

I’ve failed at both 8)

I wonder how many posts kreisler would have if he hadn't deleted so many. :p

kreisler, in my book, you're #1 rank! ;)

The above was post 17 before he deleted it.

Why does kreisler delete posts that have been replied to?

More regrets!