Using a headlight while wearing a hat?

OK, here’s the deal. I’m bald, and like to wear a hat when walking / hiking to keep the bugs off my head, sweat out of my eyes, … I’m going on a “full moon” night hike this weekend with a group I’ve never hiked with before, and their instructions say every hiker must use a headlight (not bring a flashlight - it specifies headlight). I have a Bushnell H65L 1aaa light that clips on to the brim of a baseball cap that I’m going to bring along with my BLF A6 in case flashlights are OK. My question is, what do the hat wearers in the forum do when they want to use a headlight? A better light that clips on the hat brim? A skull cap instead of a hat?

All the solutions u need hehe

I bought a few of the rubber loops that come with the Zebralight and stick them on the back of the baseball cap style hat as i saw in a Zebralight mod thread. That way, when i need the light, i just turn the cap around and light up that way. Its more comfortable than the strap that come with the light as well.

I may be a weirdo, but I just loosen the strap of my regular headlamps enough to be comfortable worn over my caps. Works fine for me.

You could also buy one of the universal straps for the tube style lights and wear it on the side over your cap, but I’ve not had a problem with a regular headlight worn over the brim.

Edit: Since you’re going this weekend and don’t have enough time for a web order, just pick one of these up at Walmart, I’ve got a few of these for my boys, if you have kids you know why (they lose or break everything lol), and they work fine worn over the top of a cap as long as you loosen the strap and point the light down some. It has high-low as well, which is useful. $12.97 at Wallyworld, remember to grab some spare AAAs while your there.

I just grab my olight baton and clip it to the bill.

I spend a lot of time in the woods and this time of year, the days are so short, it’s really easy to get caught out after dark, even if I hadn’t intended too.
I’m not bald, but I do wear a hat most of the time to keep the sun out of my eyes.
I also have one of those Bushnell H65L 1xAAA lights, and it seems to be about the best “clip to the bill of your cap” lights out there.
The only other light I’ve ever found that didn’t use expensive coin cells, was one made by Energizer, required 2xAAA’s and was only rated at 30 lumens, less than half the Bushnell’s supposedly 65 lumens on a fresh cell.
There are some things I don’t like about the Bushnell, like the buttons being hard to press, if I’m wearing gloves I sometimes have to remove one to turn the light on.
Another issue for me is that while the Bushnell is about as light weight as you could expect from a light big enough to hold a single AAA, it’s still heavy enough to make my hat slide down over time and I’m always having to push my hat back out of my eyes.

Last month I came up with the idea to superglue a clip onto my Nitecore Tube, and try that on the bill of my cap…and I love it!
It’s super light weight so it doesn’t make my cap slide down, and it works even when I’m wearing something like my boonie hat with a floppy brim.
It still clips to my keyring when I’m not using it, and disappears in my pocket. Plus I always have it with me.
The beam is pure flood so it’s not good if you need to see down the trail more than a few feet, but I also always have my klarus Mi7 with me if I need to look ahead.
The only down side is that you can’t carry any spare batteries for longer trips, but it lasts about as long as a single AAA in my Bushnell did.

I guess im a weirdo too, its the way ive worn mine for many years.

I always wear a hat and my headlamp. I do not see the issue? I started the video to part where i am wearing it lol.

Actually slight issue if the headlamp uses TIR optics it may be better to not wear a hat because the beam is wide that some of it gets wasted on the hat. I still wear a hat and TIR optics but with my modded HC30 you can notice because the beam is so wide. Still work fine.

I’ve always found it to be uncomfortable to wear my Skilhunt over a hat, and it really seems to slip around on my head. Maybe that’s because I don’t wear a top strap, or even use the bulky headband that came with my Skilhunt. Without a cap on underneath, I’ve never felt like the Skilhunt was heavy enough to need a top strap, and I can’t stand the awkward bulge in my pants, when I shove the Skilhunt in my pocket with that bulky headband.
I also tend to get that shadow caused by the brim, and it’s shading the ground right in front of my feet, which it what I want to see the best.

I always use my HC30 but now having the Skilhunt its been good while fishing. The beam isn’t as wide as my modded HC30. I have a stock HC30 and a few other headlamps so i can chose what one i may need for different situations. But all my headlamps have the top strap.

I have my zebralight H602W on the very front of the short brim of a hard hat (that looks like a baseball hat), i use it mainly for work in atics etc where i generally bump my head, i glued the zebralight silicone holder with Cyanoacrylate, two years later it’s still firmly glued, i put it on the front to avoid casting the brim shadow.

1) wear the cap backwards. 2) use a beanie instead of a cap. 3) Off works wonders!! :slight_smile:

It’s to hot now to wear a beanie now and for some reason headlamps don’t like being placed on backwards hats they sit weird.

I wear a bandana and a thrunite TH20 over it.
I actually prefer to just hang the TH20 loosely around my neck most of the time.

JamesB’s method seems like it would work the best because the angle can be changed on the light. With headlight strap placed on top of the hat, the beam is always too high, can’t angle down because the bill will block out the light.

I notice that when i am fishing i like having the light move with my head so if i work with some thing in my hands i will be looking down. Also using TIR is like using a lantern the light is so diffused its not as bright. This has its pros and cons.

I used a headlamp with a backwards hat two evenings ago and what was most annoying was the brim of the cap touching my neck. lol. Headlamp had only one strap, no topstrap.

Yea then you think its a bug and freak out lol. I have been noticing in this hot weather here the bugs love the light usually its not this bad. So now i have bugs flying my face. I would like a fish to jump out and into the light then into my hands lol :stuck_out_tongue:

After many years of tracking deer at night I’ve settled on a good headlamp worn right over a ball cap and a single aaa with a strong clip clipped to the bill.

i use my olight s1 as a headlamp, i clip it to the brim in the same manner it is shown by other poster, some other lights have “reversed” clip that makes it possible to use on a hat’s brim, i used to wear surefire e2, and s-mini, before i got smaller s1, and i actually like it better than a headlamp if i have to wear a heat,