Using a polarizing filter to read chip numbers?

Trying to read chip part numbers is a real pain sometimes.
The EEVBlog guy shows us a helpful trick!
Very cool and also logical when you think about it.
But he shows how moving a light around does the same thing.
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Wow, interesting. I can’t say I’ve had problems but worth trying.

*with polarised light.

what i do is, use a microscope (usually at work)

if the standard light does not help, i will take my own flashlight, and shine it ACROSS the chip face, not down on top of it

that usually makes contrasts more visible


Good God, is that guy as annoying as piss, or what?

A 3min video stretched out to 16min, too. It’s like a Charles Bridgetec review, where he mulls over the font- and color choices on the f’n box for 8min.

But yeah, polarised light clears up a lot of those markings.


His early reviews many years ago of esp. multimeters were good but as many people making videos on youtube make them, they are often far too long (presumably for advertising). I commented on this with a video of Joe Smith who does multimeter robustness tests, that he goes on for ages for example in his videos debunking things like the self-filling water bottle, while laughing in the type of ‘laughing at’ (i.e. unfriendly laugh), taking 30 minutes to do what he could have done in 5 minutes.

Coincidentally I watched one of his videos when I visited a friend, it was Dec. 2018, could have been a video on this type of topic, don’t remember exactly, and she asked “who is that guy?”. I told her and she said that his voice is very annoying… (the voice, i.e. intonation, speed, etc., is an indication of personality).

I watched various of his old videos but since then I haven’t really watched him because of his general attitude.

Yeah, like that guy who’s on all these unrelated infomercials like stink on a monkey. Loud and yelling everything he says, in that high-pitched nasal voice, that you just want to punch him in the throat a few dozen times.

You know the guy, hawks everything from mini-blenders to duct tape.

This guy reminded me of him, and believe me, not in any good way.

Some people bitch about Project Farm, specifically the guy’s voice, but damn, he’s good! In and out, rapidfire delivery of JUST the relevant information, quick cuts, great technique/procedure for testing, the works.

Was looking for the one about cordless drills, but this’ll do:

Best part is that if anyone comments on something he missed (eg, wiper blades’ performance when new, but what about after a year?), he’ll go and test that, too.