Using Liion batteries in the cold.

Is there any problem with using a Liion battery that has been stored in below freezing conditions? The batteries would be either Panasonic protected 18650s purchased from Bangood in the group buy at the end of last year or some blue Ultrafires. I understand that recharging a Liion battery that is cold to below freezing is bad for it, and would want to swap batteries in a flashlight while riding my bicycle.

I questioned this too (concerning keeping/using my USB power bank in a car glovebox). I found this reference to be very helpful, that post comes from this link. So -20C to +60C should be fine for use (-4F to 140F).


There is not problem using a battery that has been stored cold, but when using it the temperature makes a big difference.

LiIon start loosing power when the temperature is below 20C

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that part too.