Using white GITD paint on reflector ?

I was thinking when watching GITD o-ring : Why not painting the reflector with white “glow in the dark” paint ? Do you think it will noticeably increase the lumens, just a little brighter or completely ruin the reflector and making the light dimmer ? Does anyone tried ?

Also the paint can act like a smooth orange texture reflector.

ça marchera pas!

It will ruin the refelction coeff. of the reflector, high loss of lumens.


Maybe useful if you want a mule light

When building Maglite mods a while ago over in the CPF, it was a regular thing to use Glow in the dark paint. We’d cover the area around the LED. Examples can be found in this picture

As long as you have an area around the LED that is exposed to the light produced by the LED, you can put paint there. If the LED is the same size as the hole in the reflector, there is nothing you can do.

I bet that TIR optics would look interesting painted from back side with GITD paint :stuck_out_tongue:

The Preon P0 has a GITD reflector. I don’t know if it helps the beam since it is full flood and the reflector is quite shallow.

It would no longer work as a reflector as the texture would be matte. It would look cool after switching it off but you would lose quite a bit of output and almost all throw.

Noooooooo! :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t do that! I made that mistake once and the collimator was non functional anymore. It just GLOWED! lol

Putting anything directly on the surface messes it up.

well, it was interesting to think about it while it lasted :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought that TIR optics doesnt rely so much on surface reflection!

Yes I figured if it was effective it would already been used widely (but sometimes it is not). But yes It can be useful for a firefly/moonlight flashlight !
Thanks for replies !