USPS Delivery Story

So yesterday morning I checked the USPS site and it showed my package from Thailand was out for delivery registered mail. Since it was snowing (remember this part) I waited around from noon to 5:30PM still no mail or package. Decided to run a few errands. Upon my return home about 8:00PM still no sign of the postal carrier. Checked USPS site again still showing out for delivery. Today this morning I check the USPS site again and it now shows the package was attempted delivery @ 8:16PM yesterday evening (I was home). So I dawn my winter gear (its –4 F out) go out the side door walk down to the mailbox and lo and behold there is mail (no package of course being its registered mail). So I look through the mail for the slip they leave and it wasn’t there? Remember the snowing part earlier? Yesterday afternoon there was a fresh dusting of snow which stopped about 4:30PM. So I checked the walkway to the front door not one footstep to be found, proving there was no attempted delivery. So I now get in my vehicle and drive down to the post office to pickup my package. Of course I had to wait about 30 minuets at the customer pickup window while they looked for my package.

The postal carrier must have had one hell of a day yesterday, my mail is usually delivered between noon and 3:00PM (maybe a brake down / called off sick / weather related who knows). And no I didn’t mention / report the part about he / she didn’t attempt the delivery.

You had a problem with one employee. Are you trying to say USPS is bad because your mailman is bad? If that's the case, I'll prove to your standards that UPS and Fedex is worse.

I have had the same thing with USPS several times, especially when the carrier is a substitute. They don't try to deliver. They just stick the slip in the mail box. I have watched them do it several times and I usually drive round and stop them and ask why. They never have a good excuse, but they sure as hell are surprised when I hunt them down and get my package. Our regular mail person never does anything like that. It's always the subs.

I don’t think it really prove they’re worse, I’ve actually caught my mailman not deliver on purpose because “I didn’t think you were home” he also has “delivered” many registered items in the box or on the sidewalk without signature.

Ups pushed/kicked my $800 subwoofer off the truck onto my driveway embedding gravel into the box, and did who knows what to it earlier (attacked it with a katana?).

There’s just really crappy employees that don’t care. I wouldn’t call either worse/better than the other.

Good and bad people in all walks of life.

I shipped approximately 800 packages from my eBay business with USPS in 2013. Only one was lost and insurance repaid me fully (it oddly showed up at the buyer’s front door about three weeks after that.) Only one other package was delivered more than 3 days outside of the original delivery window. USPS is far from perfect, but they do a pretty good job overall.

And if there's truly a problem with a particular mailman, then a complaint should be lodged against that mailman so USPS actually has a chance to take corrective action.

Just pray something gets done about it, otherwise I’d imagine you had better install a camera or two to catch what he/she does in retaliation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! I’ve seen the FedeX one before.

Not saying there bad just sharing my story / experience. For the most part USPS has been pretty good to me. Just seems like the carrier was having a bad day.

Reminds me of the video of the trash collector who goes a bit crazy on someone’s trashcan and mailbox. :smiley:

Yes I could only assume it was more than likely a sub, the regular MM does a great job… USPS has been good to me.

Having $800.00 dumped on your driveway that stinks!

I also agree that if the problems persist one should report the incidents.

Oh cameras / I forgot to mention I do have a camera mounted outside looking at the front door that has unfortunately decided to stop working (wish it was).

Our delivery’s here are similar. The contractors leave a note in the letterbox without even trying to deliver the parcel. Maybe 1 in 10 gets dropped of.

hmm… seems like I’m not the only ones that having problem with them.
I’m still waiting for a package from Wallbuys that was sent from Dec 14th.
It was arrived at my local USPS sorting center few blocks away from me,
usually that’s means it would be deliver next day or 2 days later top!
but for whatever reason they sent it to another town located like 20 miles away, and when they realized it was a mistake, instead forward it to my local USPS, they decided to send it to Central NY USPS sorting center in Manhattan NY.
Which is one of the biggest sorting center, usually packages from overseas passed through here first before it sorted to other USPS office around USA.
Now the last tracking showed it is still there since Dec 28th.
I called 4 times and spoke to different departments and until now they still have no idea where is the package and asked me to wait while they investigate where is the package.

Somewhere… somebody is happy with my Smallsun T08 and Convoy L4 lights :_(

I was never very familiar with my mail carrier till I started buying flashlights and related stuff. Now we are very friendly and he’s always asking me to show him items I get. I think I might have turned him into a flashlight enthusiast! :slight_smile:

Wow! Pretty unbelievable stuff….the UPS guy stealing the FedEx package, the monitor thrown over the fence, plainly packaged in it’s retail box and obvious what it is! The boxes thrown, just no excuse for that, driving on the lawn!!! Somebody needs their butt kicked. These people get paid good!

Our old carrier has been known to drive up our lane and toss stuff out in the driveway, literally plopping it on the concrete from the driver seat. (witnessed that, she drove off before I could get the door open) And I have been impressed with our current carrier until recently, twice, the package showed delivered in the tracking only to be seen here the next day…I was home and they never showed just didn’t want to drive the 265 yards up to the house.

I have one now, 2 day priority mail, heavily insured, that was supposed to be here today, but tracking quit on it at 12:51 AM almost 2 days ago, no sign of it and no record in the tracking. A favorite light with a custom made just completed copper pill. sigh.


I did have a package recently jump around a lot like yours end result it was delivered.
Heres the post Link

Its definitely good to hear others experiences. Thanks for sharing.

usps is not perfect, i also had “attempted delivery” status after tracking, and no one ever rang my bell, not even a slip under my door.

but in 98% of cases they do good job, better than most postal services in the world.


There have been a number of days when I've been home but still find a card in the letterbox. This is called Australia Post's "Go and get it yer damn self" delivery service.

Better to “go and get it yer damn self” than have them drop-kick it into the yard!

When i live in Michigan few years back, i always looking forward for the USPS mail-lady to come at 3.30 p.m every weekdays because she was really hot lady :* until one day she was replaced by an old mail-man :_( damn!