UV beads

OK, this is an odd little product and not especially flashlight related but there is some connection!

I don't have any pictures either but if you are interested Google is your friend!

I just received a bag of UV sensitive "pony beads". It's about $2 for 100 and shipping is probably $4 or so.

These beads make great UV sensors. If you want to either test a UV light or your UV sunglasses or sunblock or whatever (rather than trust the specs) just take one of these beads and cover them with your sunglasses or put your sunblock on them or whatever you want to test and they turn colors (in some cases bright colors) when exposed to UV and when you come back in the house they return to plain white.

I had them in the car in late afternoon on a cloudy day and they turned pastel colors. I used a UV light on them at home and they turned various dark colors...red, purple, etc.

I didn't know there was such a product so thought I would share it here to entertain the few who it might appeal to !

I think they are made for kids to make necklaces or whatever and have them change color but since it's the UV doing it they are cheap UV testers!