UV P60 Drop ins

A guy at my office wants a UV light for detecting rodent urine so was hoping for something that will put out more throw than the average watermark currency check setups that are out there. I was thinking about an L2 with the solarforce UV drop in and an aspheric lens. Is there a reason why an aspheric would not help the throw with a UV like it does with a standard LED? Is there a better choice for this application. He is in compliance and I honestly have done absolutely nothing with UV.

i am getting this one Ultrafire 501B UV 365nm Flashlight

idk if you will get any range , i plan on removint it an using it without a lens and use a flip cover - made a huge difference for one review

also notice the 365nm that seems to be the best "urine frequency

i have been looking for some good info myself ...