V2 Noctigons

Whats new with these? I got a couple 20mm xp v2’s and they have 2 extra solder pads running to the thermal pad. Whats the point of this?

The extra solder pads on the XM20 V2 and XP20 V2 are for the soldering of thermistors.

The direct thermal paths have enlarged beyond the thermal pad of the LEDs on all V2 boards. We believe this is enhancing the heat travel when the boards are in vertical position (all flashlight applications), a slightly better heat spread, to help the bottle-neck be larger.
The soldering pads on the V2 boards are more towards the edge of the boards compared to V1.

Where are these posted? I checked I-O just now and only saw the originals. I’ve been getting into using temp monitoring on my drivers recently so that sounds great.

Here is the board. I got the newer ones with some xpg2’s but it is not updated on the site.