Vapcell 26650 5300mAh 20A G53 Battery (Gold)

Has anyone tried or use these 26650 cells? I am looking for new cells for my 26650 torches, MF01 MINI, D4SV2 and FT03… I currently use the purple Efest 4200 cells but these Vapcell’s look good :smiley:

Vapcell 26650 5300mAh 20A G53 Battery (Gold)
This cell is the King of the Ultra-High Discharge/Drain cells in the 26650 form factor size. They make 5,300 mAh in capacity of energy, while having a true Maximum Continuous Discharge/Drain Rating of 20 Amps. That’s a fabulous blend of both energy and power combined in a cell. These cells also have a very good life cycle as well. These cells are typically used for vaping at higher demanding amperage and also for very highly modified or custom built flashlights with multi-emitters and/or single emitter flashlights that use a FET/DD type driver in them. This cell can also have other useful purposes in other device(s) as well, as long as the device(s) are compatible with this cell’s dimensions and within its performance specifications.

Model: 26650-5300
Size: 26650
Style: Flat Top
Nominal Capacity: 5300mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating: 20A
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Protected: No
Rechargeable: Yes

They look good and reviews online seem to hold them in high regard too, I would be considering picking up a few if I didn’t luck out at my local vape shop they had ijoy 26650’s for $4~ USD or $6~ CAD which I picked up a stack so going to be set for a while.

They are pretty good cells.

I have a few of those. They seem to work just fine. The only thing I really run them in is a BD06 only pulling a bit over 2 amps, a D4S and a Catapult V6. Not super high drain stuff over here. I know the BD06 seems to last forever with them in there.

I have not tried those but have been using these. Vapcell 26650 20A flat top 5500mAh battery. These are using the highest capacity cells on the market. Test/review of Vapcell INR26650 5500mAh (Red) 2019

Thank you Texas Shooter! these will do nicely :smiley: Now to hunt for them :+1:

Old thread, but relevant. My cells from 2020 are still going strong. 100+ cycles. The K62s I bought with them are all dead.

I just received 4 more from Liionwholesale and the positive end now has 6 vent holes. I’m not sure if the cell was changed over the years for better or worse.

Edit: Response from Liionwholesale when I asked:
Yes it does seem they changed the cell at some point. It still meets the specs though. Slightly different performance, a little less capacity and a little bit better power handling capability it seems, but these are only very slight differences and not enough to change the specification.

Thanks for the heads up, we’ll change the photos and put a note in the item description.

Jon Caserta

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The six-legged positive terminal looks similar to this Orbtronics … wonder what they are wrapping.