Vapcell A11 vs M11?

What are the differences between the new A11(red wrapper) and the M11 (purple)?

M11 9 Amp CDR

A11 10 Amp CDR

Not much of a difference but that’s what I see without testing the battery.

A11 has more stable quality and good consistency

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Thank-you! Is it made by a different factory? Different chemistry or physical traits? Or is it just a “Grade A” version or something with better QA/QC?

Made by different cooperative factories, with similar cell composition

At that time, M11 appeared in the market as a battery specifically designed for flashlight and electronic cigarette users

A11 has a wider range of applications and can also be suitable for various battery packs

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What makes it more suitable, as it’s dimensionally same and similarly rated?

Will the A11 replace the M11 because of those reasons?

M11 soon to be obsolete?


One has a red wrapper, the other has a purple wrapper.

The 1amp difference means literally nothing

The length and endcap design are different, and I have conducted 2 run-time tests on a weapon light I have, for 5 and 10 minutes, after letting it cool 100% to ambient, and each test, the A11 has 5-10% more charge per my meter, reading consistently higher voltage after both cells have rested/returned to ambient after use. I have purchased 2 batteries for Mooch to analyze.

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Just 1A difference in CDR, I think it might just be a change of supplier and maybe slightly lower IR. I also wonder how the cycle life compares.


It’s the first quality high drain 18350 that’s not a YDL re-wrap that I’ve seen lately. The performance seems like it will test out well.

What is?

What is?

The Vapcell A11

Your test suggests the M11 was capable of higher continuous discharge.

Assuming capacity is the same

Let’s see what Mooch’s test results are.

Sure, I mean who knows. Anything is possible. I don’t have these batteries to compare or really know who made them and when and with what.

Just some observations, and these are meaningless, just some things I noticed

Vapcell states a higher ACIR for the A11 than they do the M11, 30mohm vs 25mohm. At time of writing.

And this:

Translates to, M11 = high discharge, A11 = lower CDR in favor of capacity and lower cost

Just my take, having done no testing on either.

What did we decide?

The m11 is a more consistent cell and lives up to its rating, but is best run at 5-7A. Itnis not a YDL rewrap.