Vapcell Q2

Hello All,

Trust you are all doing good.

Just bought the Vapcell Q2 I Plan to use it with some Molicel 21700, but I have a few questions

1. is this charger any good, should I be looking to get new another charger (didn’t find it on this list
2. will the charger fit 21700 batteries read somewhere it might not fit even tho it says so on the pack.

Kindly advise

1. The charger is likely fine don’t worry.

2. It seems the charger does not support 21700 cells at all:

Apply to (battery diameter:10-26mm,length:34-68mm)

Ouch was advised by the online store it would fit, what charge would you advise in i go for the Nitecore UMS2 or UM2

If you can afford it, the UMS2. It can handle pushing quite a bit more power through the cells if wanted.

Do you have any other suggestions other than the nitecore chargers

thoughts on this Liitokala Lii-S2 and 5V 2A

Xtar VC2S or Xtar VC2SL if you want type c.

vapcell Q2S can support 21700 battery,price is cheap :slight_smile: