Vapcell S4 plus v3

It’s probably very similar if they’re using the same components.

Might be some nice discounts on the (very popular) S4+ v2!

Any update on V3?

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Yes. Last info was “March and Apriil”… It is well past either now.
Maybe, as someone said, they are trying to sell off the V2 models before releasing the V3 ??

The minute it gets released and passes the review tests, I am in for 2.

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Vapcell increases the tension :wink:

The only difference visible in the pic (for me) is the additional “storage” function. Hope Dennis is talking about june 2023 :wink:

What pic are you referring to?

V3.0 is on sale, please contact sales

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Great news! Let me know if you need a reviewer. The S4+ V2 has been my “go to” charger since it was released.

How and where can i purchase v3.0 ?

Maybe I have bad luck, but I doubt it because some others have also mentioned this.

Has the issue for being able to choose charge current been resolved? Every one of the five V2s I’ve had has issues and continues to have issues. Not every time but sooner or later the only way I can choose my charge current is by unplugging and plugging it back in. And once in awhile that won’t work.


Whats contact info for sales? Only contact info I can find on website is



Skype : linjuan13


Please provide contact information.
Or better a working link to a place where we can purchase the new model. So far I cannot find it.
Can you please provide a list of changes made to the V3.0 ?

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It’s available at

I think they should work on the presentation. The way it is right now nobody can complain when receiving V2.0

" Lieferumfang: Vapcell S4 plus V2.0 Ladegerät (schwarz), 12V 5A 230V Netzteil, Bedienungsanleitung in Englisch, als Deutsch zum Download (siehe unten)"

I like the “Lagerangst” mode

We’ll have these in stock in around a month btw.

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