Varity tools measurement request

Im starting this thread to ask and save some measurements from tool parts (neither electric or machinary), including region differences.

Q1. Angle grinder

Can anyone confirm that cylindrincal place under threads have main threads OD with 0.01mm tolerance (15.87-15.88 for NA, 13.99-14.00 for other world)?


I measured the one we have here at 13.8 / 13.9 but it is a old one so probably worn down.

Thank you.
Waiting measurements for 5/8” version.


15.85-15-86 for my milawaukee which is fairly new. Based on manufacturing conditions, it could he hit or miss as I doubt that the cylindrical part under the threads is considered critical dimensions for a tool like an angle grinder and could vary quite a bit between the same model.

Thank you.