VCR's drum motor to Desk lamp / 3W / Warm white / 3 modes

Since I'm at the moment short of host and/or emitters something curious arise..

Emitter ; Generic Chinese 3W led warm ,named as 'others' , purchased at Ebay months ago.

Driver ; Two, Dealextreme's 1-3w-650-700ma-constant-current-regulated-led-driver-85-265v and an AK-47 Dealextreme 5-mode-1000ma-7135-circuit-board in series.

Powered ; Main line

Modes; H .700 A

M .250 A

L .03 A

Lens ; Dealextreme. 19-8mm-led-acrylic-lens-for-flashlight-5-pack

Body ; 80' VCR's parts...

The base is unfinished...

Has that "sci-fi" look all the kids are into these days! I love it!

It looks a little Ironmany dosen't it :)

Steampunked !

Noooo, you can be having electronic compenants in steampunk :P

This is more Retro-Futurism which would be the step before Cyberpunk.

Oh god, everyone I know is nerdy... :)

What ever it might be called, I like it. It gives my some ideas, what I could do with all these Q3 LEDs I replaced with something else.

Thanks for comment guys, still struggling with the base, having a very nice machined piece of aluminum can't figure out how to cut it with the dremmel ...very hard material especially if you no have a clue about.

Match , help please , I have standard cut disks , brown color, diamond coated ones and those with fiber , what speed , dry or wet and which one ?

Googled steampunk; interesting stuff , over the years I've had collected many nice pieces akin that trend.

Maybe later I'll post some pics of my favorites waiting some build to fit.

Old, I'm planning a boat lamp 12V 3 left's Q3s in series based ..

Aluminium can be a bugger...I assume it's an alloy of some sort, and not pure? (pure is a royal pita). Forget the grinding disks entirely. Aluminium can collect in them and cause them to come apart, and considering the speed at which a dremel can turn, that could be a very bad thing. Speaking of speed, you want to use a fast(er) setting along with a high speed cutter. They come in various shapes, but my most used one looks like this:

Not sure what size/shape of a cut you need to make, but for larger stuff don't forget a good old hacksaw and/or holesaw. Most of my rough cuts are done via a sawsall with a multi-puropse blade. I feel your pain...aluminium galls and gums up tools something terrible, so remember:

-Keep the tool moving fast

-Take light cuts

-Clean away chips often.

I wouldn't even bother to cut it. Isn't it possible to bolt that together with a L -shaped piece?

Many thanks Match. I've not many if any hability with the rotative tool , total begginer. I have one of those from the link below but I'm not so sure what materials can cope , tried soft aluminium 2 mm and work but I'm afraid of try something more stiff..

I don't know what metal or allow this thing is , is shiny like the day was machined , feel like SS and look as hard, working on it appear as a mix of porcelain , lead , SS , glue , kill almost instantly one diamond coated , a nightmare...

By the way I figure out a solution much more elegant , easy and better in all aspects , one wood ring which is aimed to hang curtains...I'll update with the result...