Vector Power On Board 35W HID Spotlight

Does anyone on here know where I could get one of these at a fair price? I have been looking for one. They used to sell them at Sam’s Club. I missed out on one that was on Ebay. But I would like to have one that was in excellent shape.

Hate to say it Brad, but I think they're gone... Even a year ago they were impossible to find, now there is no way.

Yea they don’t make them anymore, but I would like to have one. My friend Reuben on ebay sold one that I missed out on.

Here is what I am looking for.

I’m just wanting one for the wow factor! That’s all.

Hi Brad,

If you get one, add the power meter and illuminated On/Off switch, it gives them that extra nice look in addtion to being functional. Switching out the 6000k bulb with a 4300K increases the brightness quite a bit too.

Would Richia like to sell one of his?

Who’s thread is this? LOL!

Would you like to sell that one Rich?

Ebay auction! :P

I hear ya!

Heck why don’t I just buy you and me both one right? LOL!

I know, you will be my friend if I do. Man am I blessed or what. Hee Hee!

Sorry guys, I sold the red display one already and the blue display one I really don’t want to sell. I was thankful to have it during the Sandy hurricane/snow storm in addition to my other lights. I posted the photo so Brad would have an idea how I customized mine, and perhaps it would give him some ideas on what he may wish to do to his.

Damn, I did find one semi-not at all promising lead. This guy over a year ago had one for sale on BLF, but no one bought it.

After a bit more searching I found the OEM, they have been messaged. :D


Why not just buy another Professional’s Favorite like what you already have for $40 and then put a 35,55, or 75W HID kit in it? You can get the ballast and bulb for under $50. You can even put in a 35W bulb and overdrive it with a 55W ballast for better throw.

I wouldn’t even begin to know how to do that.

Ok, just sent an email to the sales guy at the OEM to ask if they happen to have any in their warehouse/if it would be possible to buy just one. :D

You just need to find your buddy Brad one. Maybe there will be a reward if you do.

Brad, if I hear anything back from them I will tell you. :)

I'm hoping I can get a discount in exchange for a review. :D

Ok in the meantime I’m gonna try my best to get Rich to make a deal on the one he has. I could pay cash or do some trading and cash or all trade.

What about something like this? 11" reflector light

Or this smaller one. I see it from about 20 vendors at different prices.

Tempting, I like the Vector just because it is so well proven. But if nothing else I may give the 11" one a shot.