Very Cheap Bulk 18650 Batteries

Hello, where can we buy very cheap 18650 batteries?

For example, sells 29E 18650s for as low as $2.70 each while FastTech (my go-to for batteries) sells them for as low as $4.63. That is a very big difference.

What reliable battery vendors do you reccomend for cheap 18650 batteries?

What do they mean with that?
Because it’s not protected?


Yeah, they have that written for all unprotected batteries.

Here’s some Sanyo UR-F’s good GP batteries and he ships fast!

The 29Es are only that price if you buy 400 of them…. :stuck_out_tongue:

Samsung 26f’s

I have 20 new xtar 2600mah protected. If ur interested i’m willing to part with them for 90€.

All the HP laptops that I’ve pulled batteries from usually have samsung INRs in them. I know that’s not really a vendor, but Craigslist and yard sales usually provide me with all my 18650 needs. There was this one time, though, where I found a bunch of 17670’s from a laptop battery…