Very good basic reference on light

Recommended reading for anyone interested in slightly more technical aspects of the hobby:

If you don't like maths, you can just read the section intros and skip over anything that looks like an equation. There's interesting stuff throughout, at least through section 4/5/6 (talks about collimation/what the 'K' really looks like, etc). It's really pretty accessible, and the pictures are good. :bigsmile:

Hell of a good find, Hex... It helped jar a few cobwebs loose from a physics course I had years back.

Great info here guys, and worth a read (and a bookmark).

lol ya some physics and calc equations fell out of my ear too.

i have never seen that level of light physics - let alone that condensed. thx for sharing it

That is funny International Light Technologies is less than two blocks away from my moms house.

I should stop in and see if I can get some free samples or something.


Will read it after stupid exams are over. Who needs stupid linear algebra anyway ;)