Very informative youtube review of UTorch UT02

I saw this youtube video by David Sunshine posted a couple days ago and was blown away by it. He covered just about everything and spent a lot of time editing it with graphics and charts. I love this type of detailed info. Its a long 42min video, but its really good.

I’m surprised it doesn’t have more views. Its been up for a few days and is only at 257 views.

I guess he’s not a member here yet, but he’d fit right in. He really knows his flashlights and has been bitten by the bug.

Excellent :slight_smile:

I think i hav to grab one when the next code comes for $29.99 usd and then think about the Blob mod to get the full 1300 Lumen

im thinking their better Bang for Buck than my P30 and will run longer cos of the 26650


That was a very good review. The Viso Systems iOS app he uses at 22:25 works well for detecting low frequency PWM after calibration, but is a bit iffy at high frequency PWM and switching noise. It is imperative to use a diffuser so that the light fills the camera imager completely.

Here’s the notorious BLF D80 (accurate)

Reylight Pineapple (accurate)

Zebralight SC5Fc is more difficult, since it doesn’t use PWM but there’s noise in the output

First it fails at detecting the frequency correctly, probably because the light doesn’t cover the whole width of the image

Then it reads just a bit low (scope reports 2.91 kHz)

All in all, I’d say it is a great tool if you just need to know if there is flickering and a little info about the frequency and amplitude.

The review was long in tooth, but very informative and laid out nicely.

I suggest David Sunshine pass this little review forward to the manufacturers of close comparable to the Utorch02.

Maybe it will coerce the other manufacturers to send this fella their products in the same size range, to compare claims.

I would like to see the P30, M25C2, XT12GT and other similar light put in the ring together

Great review, Mr. Sunshine. :)

VEEEEERRRRY detailed review.

What is this blob mod you speak of? I have one and if it’s simple, I may try.

Yabbut, then I'd have to start buying bigger batteries.

Bigger batteries mean bigger flashlights.

Bigger flashlights means more money.

More money means the baby I'm packing may go without.

And I don't like Top Ramen!!

cd, firstly check your tail amps ,on turbo, if their only 2.4 –2.6 then you could look up the last couple of reviews on this torch re R050 and R100 resisters and blob of solder mod

if your amps are around 5 amps on turbo then all is good


Well, I’ve seen reference to the resistor mods on the reviews. Was just wondering where this “blob” of solder gets placed if it’s not part of the resistor mods.
Measuring tail amps, guess I’ll have to try and search for how to do that……all I have is a relatively inexpensive DMM, no clamp meter or such.

I think it’s pretty cool such measurements can be taken with a smartphone, even if its somewhat limited. I’m on Android, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like that app is availible in the play store.

How do you film beamshots?

A very nice and detailed review… Sound reproduction is good.:slight_smile: Was considering a L2 but after going thru the review, I’d rather get this. I’ve skipped its sale, regretting not getting one now…

I didn’t make the video. I just saw it on YouTube and thought I’d share it with fellow flashoholics :smiley:

I really like how this guy works

I subscribe to David’s youtube channel. He always does great reviews.

Tl/dr : great summary in only 7min. This guy is talking to nerds, to to retarded kids, great job !!

My UT02 now pulls 5 amps , and its REAL nice . Hope they come available for $30 usd again sometime