Very touching story about a homeless boy singing in Korea's got Talent

Sure cry!

Thailand's got Talent

alone without a flashlight im guessing?

I have a lot of flashlights, but no new emitters. hehe

Wow. Very touching story, and Sung-bong can sing!

That center judge is crazy-hot, even while crying....

Hey X ask you something, in the USA when you guys say "hot", does it mean "beautiful"? Or do you guys just lump it altogether and say "hot" just like a casual slang when chatting between guys or close galfriends?

My understanding is that "hot" is not the same as beautiful, well there's a bit of difference (more sex appeal, more of that X factor). The Thai lady judge is hot, for eg. :D

Eg you wouldn't tell a female sales manager "hey, you are hot". Rather if you want to compliment her, you'd say "You are beautiful". :D

Sorry for the need to do English 101 to me.

PS. I guess it sometimes it boils down to preferences and what you usually see on the ground as well, eg usually not impressed with locals but more impressed with South East Asians gals. (well a large part it's due to the influence of wedding photography, not the clients but rather the behavoir of the "sisters" wedding entourage and meeting up/talking with enquiring customers)

It would be difficult to tell a female sales manager she was hot without it sounding like a frat house. The compliment would be better receieved as "beautiful." However, Foy feels the need to point out the mutually not necessarily exclusive/difference between "hot" and "beautiful. Can co-exists (ideal) as well as seperately exist. (not as ideal but still very good)


I see, that's what I think too. LOL!

what the !~

vid 1 - wow

vid 2 - lucky did meet him in a dark bar


I missed the 3rd vid. Baahwaahhahaha!!!

Depends on the business, dont you think? :D

Yeah man, and depends on the makeup type as well. This judge is HOT HOT HOT!

LOL I only just noticed her name is "Pornchita".. come on. :D But her voice is *ugh*

Same thing here.... Think there is a similar one for Britain's got Talent.

A 12-year-old Mongolian boy- Uudam (乌达木 Wudamu in Chinese) who lost his parents at the age of 8 in a road accident singing the song-"Mother in the Dream" (梦中的额吉) to his mother in heaven. He seldom talk about his story but when he miss his mother, he will sing this song. Besides, he always dream about his mother, sitting beside him.

The song is in Mongolian, therefore, not everyone can understand the lyrics. However, his singing touched every judges and audiences in the hall without the understanding of the lyrics. He sang out all his love and though to his mother.

A touching song, performed by a boy who got a sad story behind, a voice comes from far Mongolia sending his though to his mother at heaven. A great performance by a 12-year-old boy! He got an interesting and beautiful dream which is to invent a kind of ink that just need a drop to drop on the ground, the whole world will cover with green grass. one more thing to add, his mother wished to see his singing on the stage when she was alive.

They usually speak like that when they are friendly but in this instance they were making jokes and having some clean fun with the "transgender changing voice", but formally and generally the Thai language is quite nice to hear. Last time i met a Thai gal and man you've got to experience the warmness of the smile + the Thai greeting with 2 clapsed hands and a slight bow. :D

Good for the guy, but it sounds to just marketing for the tv show, I don't think it is causality in UK they picked the ugliest woman on the island, now a poor homeless, and next probably another sad story.

It's not really totally staged as those are real tears (guess the judges don't really know it like the same way you or me viewed it for the first time), but i am sure the producers already pre-arranged something when they learn of the story. They need something sensational for every series anyway and it's franchised worldwide. Hey, at least it's better than those reality shows like that Donald Trump's boss thingy (what's the name?). Lets wait for this year's then!

2100 - "hot" is more of a sex appeal, and probably not for use on someone with whom you're not intimately involved.

One could easily interchange the word 'sexy,' for purpose of deciding its appropriate use.