VG-10 disappointment

Well my Thorfire VG-10 came yesterday, from Amazon in about 8 days not bad. Initial impression is Excellent. Build Quality seems outstanding, rivaling or maybe even besting my M21x. Everything is 1st rate, machine work, finish, nice stainless bezel. Using fully charged Olight 2600mah 18650 in all 3 lights I went outside for some testing. (Using Olight M21x and Convoy M1. For comparison.) Olight lists max 750Lm / convoy 900lm / Thorfire 847lm. I think the convoy and Olight are pretty close to their published specs. Comparing the VG-10 to both these lights it came up short. Tried diff. Batteries etc… Same result. Using my highly unscientific eyeballs I’d say the VG-10 I purchased is around 550-600lm. Not to bad I guess but after seeing the initial quality I had higher expectations YMMV. P.S. Went to Thorfires webpage/ web store. I noticed every review for every light received a full 5 Stars. Amazing.

You are correct, i have reviewed a few and others have also reviewed them and about 600 lumens is what they put out

Oh well, not the end of the world. As I’m writing this, there is an ad for the Thorfire VG-10 just to the left of my text. :davie: Maybe I’ll get some extra runtime with the lower output. This thing is built like a Brick House. Wish it was more powerful. Any Chance running 2x 16340 or 2x cr123a, would increase the output?

Which version did you get? Could you take a picture of the driver and retaining ring?

I managed to remove the retaining ring of mine and replace the driver with a 4.2A Qlite. That increased output quite a bit.

I’ll try. I’m not a modder, but willing to give it a shot. How difficult was it to remove the retaining ring? If you have time Post a pic of what we’re discussing. This thing needs about a 35% boost to bring it up to par. Thanks

Unfortunately, if you are not a modder, I would not suggest trying to remove the retaining ring (the one pictured on the left). I used a compressed air to freeze it, then removed it with brute force. I broke the ring in the process and had to use an adapter to mount the new driver. However the adapter was too small so I had to use shims to raise the adapter so that it would make contact with the tube.

The version after (one on the right) had a thicker retaining ring which I could not remove.