Victorinox Knives

Victorinox has slowly been increasing their prices over the past few years. I found a few good deals for their knives. Of course there might be better deals to be found and you might not like these kind of multi-tool knives.

The black/Red S557 model is under $48.00
The red celidor and wood handle versions are considerably more.

The Red Outrider is a good price:

Forester Pocket Knife, Red is a good deal:

The Delmont Evolution is a smaller version of the Huntsman with Evogrip handles:

Swiss Army Adventurer

Thank you for all the good links. I never had a Vic until recently. A good friend gifted me a few. Not sure of the models of them. One is a tiny little thing that goes perfectly on my keychain and a few others that are bigger with a few more tools on them. Nothing super big but, they make great additions to my go bag and camping gear. I need to be looking for a decent and affordable multi tool as well.

I need to quit buying pocket knives. I only have so many pockets. :slight_smile:

I’ve been on this forum for about 8 years, good people + tons of Multitool, SAK, knife info & more:

Thank you. I will check them out. I had a Leatherman at one time years ago. My nephew conveniently “borrowed” it out of my tackle box one day. Haven’t seen it since. Guess it’s time for a few new ones. Only so much I can do with just a pocket knife and a flashlight. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

My favorite model is the climber. I think the name is a bit of a misnomer because it is pretty much impossible to open the knife blade with one hand. So if you had to cut rope in an emergency with one hand you die. Aside from that fact it has imho the best basic set of tools. Size versus function that is. The photo of the single complete knife is a climber model. The unopened knives in the first photo are climbers also.

I carry a SwissChamp in a Zermatt holster and sharpening steel. They were $70 five years back and now streeting at $80, so they’ve gone up, but the dollar is stronger against the Swiss franc.

I also have a Huntsman and a Ranger that I got off of Ebay for cheaper than MSRP.

I like them.


Strong dollars equals more expensive toys. :frowning:

Central Valley Wholesale for years had great prices on Victorinox products. I discovered his store about a year before he stopped selling Victorinox. I think the SwissChamp is just about the cooliest multi-tool around. I have the precursor to the champ which is “The Champion” from the 1980’s

They do make great knives and of excellent quality. I don’t buy new any more, because I don’t need to — everything I bought decades ago still work! The only time I’d need to buy is to expand or replace. I use a money clip Victorinox knife with Alox that’s super slim, light and VERY useful. Scissors, nail file, and decent blade. I just have to remember to leave it behind when traveling on a plane, as one time I forgot and it was confiscated!

Had a EVO S18 yellow just like your link. Lost it right after getting it.
Spent last hours trying to figure out what my SAK is and no luck. Have another larger one somewhere I don’t use.

Got my dad a Spartan, Uh 35 years ago.

Now I am staring at that Spartan SP. Sweet looking blade.

I carry a Victorinox mini everywhere. Great light. :sunglasses:

  • the nail file and scissors are excellent for nail care.
  • the scissors and knife work great any time something small needs cutting or opening.
  • the flat screwdriver head at the end of the nail file is surprisingly useful. For example, I use it to lever off the button boot retaining rings without damage on my Emisar D4.

The only disadvantage is periodically the scissors spring wears out and breaks. When that happens, bend up the remainder of the spring up for another couple years of use, or get replacement springs, or get a fresh knife.

Please post an image of the mystery knife and us members might be able to identify it.

It had more tools then I thought, I didn’t notice the fish scaler/ruler or the wood saw.

My champion has a grey magnifier from the 1980's. Yours has the current version. Mine does not have a hook either.

You can find the Champion 2 plus on Amazon. It has matte scales which are very common in Europe. Many bad reviews on Amazon for it. I think sometimes people do not realize it will have matte scales. A small amount of the time maybe a fake or two are sold unknowingly by Amazon.

I like and need spell check butt it is not always my friend. :person_facepalming:

I have a larger one floating around someplace. Probably still in a box after the move. I also have a couple key chain versions.

Champion doesn’t get carried unless I know I am gonna need it. To fat. It gets desk top duty.

yes I think that’s a champion plus, I don’t think they make a champion plus 2(II)
Amazon has this model clumped together with several of the 2 varieties so the reviews might be unlabeled or refer to a 2 version.

The 2 denotes nylon scales which have a more grippy feel than the standard cellidor scales, I think the only ones with this scale material(in red color) are climber II, huntsman II, spartan II, sportsman II, some of the stayglow models have a similar texture and a few of the longer 111mm models also.

So sometimes amazon puts this group of items on sale cause they share the same webpage for some reason, a couple of times a year they are priced nicely, Champion plus around $30-$35.

Posted this once before, it's my only Victorinox knife and I use it all the time.

Thanks for the clarification Blackbeard.

Kirman, my other sak is that size/shape but its black, I think, now I am gonna have to look.

I have a small collection of SAKS, but the one I carry daily is the Explorer. It's the 4-layer Victorinox with in-line phillips screwdriver and magnifying glass. I bought it for something stupid like $7 because the previous owner had damaged it somehow and the most important tool (can opener) wouldn't open, but 5 minutes with a file was all it took to get it working again. Some day I'll buy a new one...