Victorinox (light) LITE Modules

These Lite (light) modules on the 91mm Swiss Army Knife platforms come in several versions I’ve noticed while buying new and used SAK Lite models online. I havent been able to find much info on the type of led and run times for these coin cell cr1225 x2 battery operated lights.

Below is a video of an attempt to measure and shed some light on the subject. I do enjoy the SAK Lite models alot personally, but they arent for everyone. Does anyone have any of these models?

Didn’t Wenger have an LRI connection? I forget which one I had but I’m fairly certain it took 2xAAAA batteries.

I do have a Spartan lite somewhere, but carrying a proper flashlight in my pocket these aren’t much useful.
I carry a swisscard lite though (but I can’t remember a day I used the led module for real)

About the Wenger way: it did work with AAAA, but comes from incandescent era apparently

I’ve been a fan of Wenger since 2000 when I first came into the possession of one and a catalogue.

Just received my minty used SwissChamp today…my third, but alas, no lights on any of them.