Victorinox Stayglow Climber. Anyone feel the love?

The stayglow knives have been around for about 12 years. Noticed on the Victorinox.Com they no longer sell them so it was time to buy one from another store. So I did. Anyone have one or like them? Not a simple product but sure is fun to see how long I can get to glow in the dark. Simple amusement for me.

I’ve had a climber and gave it to my nephew a few years back.

I’ve personally carried a SwissChamp in Zermatt holster, with sharpening steel over the past 5 years.

Some things should remain ‘red’.


I like the choice of having different color scales. Victorinox has diversified greatly since 911. Not being able to carry Wenger’s version of the classic SD onto planes put them out of business. Victorinox ended up purchasing Wenger so they would not completely be dissolved. Victorinox makes luggage, kitchen cutlery, perfume, watches, clothes, wallets, and more since 911. Red is iconic but different colors and imprints on the scales makes them money.

I bought one ten years ago, it was a great choice and I really like the GITD scale.
Unfortunately it’s gone now :FACEPALM:

I don't have your particular one but my Victorinox below is near and dear to me for a long time now. My cousin wants my "exact" model including the grey lock tab for the knife but I can't find it anywhere anymore for sale.

If you are looking for an outrider model here are some links:

Could not camo color. Good seller. Knives are new. Not used.

Thanks for those links. He's insisting on the camo color, but he may just have to settle for the red ones if he really wants something similar.

Cool. First link knife has grey button/lock. Second link not sure. Newer model.

He may go for it as he really likes the grey button lock. He has a lot of time on his hands so I'm going to suggest to him to paint the camo colors himself.

If he paints it he will be an artist then.

Never seen the glow option, how is it in really life? Like the disappointing cheap, off-yellow plastic glow in the dark or more like the vibrant modern generation of glow in the dark products?

yeah those are nice, I have an older Vic rescue tool that has those scales

I have placed it direct sunlight for about 10 minutes. After about 2 minutes it starts to noticeably dim. It is very bright. I will let it bake in the sun longer in the next few days and post about it.

That’s pretty damn cool is that 8^) , loving the camo as well. :slight_smile:

This is the only GITD item I own. So I do not know what the modern generation of gitd items perform like that you mention. If you place the Climber in direct sunlight ( a bright ray ) for about 30 minutes you get super bright light. Bright enough to read a map or see other items by. After ten minutes it becomes much weaker in brightness. The more I charge it up the better it performs. It has a nice grippy texture to the handle. It being yellow I am sure it would show oil, grease, and dirt from your hands if used to fix machinery. I am a mail ninja with my Victorinox knives. Mail, packages, boxes, cans, and packaged food items are what I use it to open. One more thing to add. My nitecore P16 surly brightens the handles up nut not as well as the sun. The sun is best.

The images of the knife seem to be gone from the website. Did you create the original post about the chinese fakes? From what I can tell from searching the web. That Canada, U.S.A. , and Mexico are the primary markets for the StayGlow knives. My climber glows yellow/green. In bright room light while it glows it is very yellow. In total darkness it is more yellow/green in appearance.

Ven are the StayGlow climbers, and classic SD versions sold in the U.K. ?

I forgot about my gitd cat named "Fang", so i have two items that glow.

Not that easy to source, think they have been in the past but now not available. I would have to import basically here in UK unless one came up for sale.

Awesome, thanks for the detail, I think I’ll keep an eye out for one this side of the pond. Cheers :beer: