Video of first hungarian flashlight fan meet Special guest: M4DM4X :)

Hi flashaholics!
I made a video of the first hungarian flashlight fan meet. We have the honor that M4DM4X also visited us with many cool and powerful lights. The language is sometimes english and sometimes hungarian but I texted most of the flashlights you will see. Hope you like it! I hope we can repeat this event at least in next year spring or maybe sooner!

thanks for the invitation and the nice evening!

An official Geek Meet :slight_smile:

all your guys are having too much fun I wish I was there! :smiley:

Cool vid!


Great video, that was a ton of great lights. cool video.

Congrats for Hungarian flashlight fan meet .

You guys should turn on all that flashlight together :sunglasses:


I wish but only around 10-11people were there and around 150-200 flashlights :slight_smile:
Edit. Just saw that I forgot to put in the video the beamshot of the biggest lights.

Thank you guys!

From left to right:
DX80, DN70, GT, MF02 dedomed XHP70.2, MS12, R90C, MF04S

Well done Zozz on organising the get together. I wish I was there. You had a very diverse collection of torches there. Did you get any interested visitors attracted by lots of strange lights?

Thank you!
What do you mean by this?

He means people (animals? bugs?) coming to see what’s going on because they saw a lot of lights shining around.

Not really. No other people came around to see what is going on just who knew about the event. And a lots of bugs :slight_smile:


Thanks for the video… ms12 is my favorite…

What was the most impressive torch there?

That is such a neat idea. I sometimes take few lights out to an archery range.
The targets are not that far away, but neat anyways to see how much each light shines.