Video of my digital night vision scope and IR illuminator I built

I grabbed the wrong illuminator. I had one built with a 4715as at 2.4V but instead grabbed an old one built with a 4715s at 1.4V. Regardless, I was able to see 500 yards with my ATN X-Sight 5-18x digital night vision scope. I didn’t have a mount to zero the illuminator to the scope so I was hand moving the illuminator lighting up areas.

Thanks for the video. I find the night vision intriguing as it defies my thought logics.

What embarrassing is this video. The software on the scope reset my zero and I didn’t know it. Missed this hog.

Nice videos. I bought a Armasight XLR-850 to go with my x-sight. It’s very compact, powerful, three output levels, and great range of focus. Very nice quality IR light. Areyou running the Kentli batteries?

Nice videos. Thanks N10 :)

I think you are shooting with PCP in this video at under 900FPS? Or maybe with .22 subsonic ammo?

Edit: When you'll replace with as led then you will really be shocked. With HQ night vision equipment you'll see well over 800 meters :) IR is much more intense than lights we build cause we don't look with our eyes. We look through comprehensive NV devices that enhances visual performance of emitted beam.

Another edit: I just saw that you used this :) 300 AAC Blackout AR, suppressed SilencerCo Omega

Yeah. I was actually impressed this light shines 500 enough to identify animals. The 4615as is a beast. I hope to video it next week

What host did you use n10sivern?

That was in an old T20

Interesting. I wonder if those animals can see the IR spectrum?

Yes. They can. I can shine the IR light and they look toward it but it doesn’t spook them.

I’m just curious if anyone has been using the ATN X sight in 3-12 power? I’ve seen a bunch of nice NV optics on Night Vision | ATN Corp and want to get some items. I’m looking for something hand held or mountable on a 6.8 as a backup rifle. If X-Sight is half as good as they say on other forums it’s amazing!

ATN X sights?

Well if you are hit tech freak and you need some wifi, gprs and other fancy options to connect this with smart phone than it is probably for you. But this will suck a life from battery very fast :slight_smile:

Good day performance and crap night performance ( no chance of detecting on 70 + meters without high power illuminator).
So additional illuminator and use of illuminator all the time is must with this nvd

If you want simplicity and better night performance take yukon photon XT. It has poor day performance though.

Armasight drone pro is considered as better NVD of this mentioned ones.

They see it cause the wave is 850nm, try 940nm one - havent met an animal arround that could see it

About the night vision…well, grats, the results are like gen 1

Where is good budget night vision ?

850nm and 940nm illuminators has completely invisible beams…

850nm has visible red dot signature from emitter and it is 10-20x more power than 940 one. So if game reacts it really reacts on red dot, not on the beam itself.

940nm also has slightly visible red dot signature from emitter(but it is very faint and hard to detect to anyone) but it has 10-20 lower power than 850NM emitter.

940nm is for shorter distances (if you have feeders on 60-80 meters and even less if you use NV add ons)
850nm is good for all night vision devices, and for all distances from 0-600 meters (no problem if game is on 100+meters it will not spot it but if the game is on shorter distances it can spot red dot signature from it especially if you shining directly to game eyes)

I suggest 850nm always because with that you’ll see further, you’ll have cleaner image and with right approach (plenty tips and tricks for that around hunting forums) game will never spot it.

People are hunting with white,green, red led so when you use 850nm invisible beam you should be the least concerned that game will spot you.


i would never dream of BUYING digital night vision… i fabricate my own digital night vision, thats hand held AND gun mountable, pretty much from scratch.

as a matter of fact? I’m only now into “LED flashlights” because when i got into digital night vision fabrication? making and modding the illuminators was half of the battle… ended up getting hooked accidentally on visible LED lights too, ha ha

BUYING commercial digital night vision? is kinda like being a CPF member… you plunk down cash for an expensive item, and show off pictures of it… MAKING your own from scratch? Is more like being on BLF, and modding and scratch building. After a while in the hobby of it? Your OWN unit(s) actually beat out the commercial offerings in many cases, for less money.

Well, alrighty, lets see what’cha got? Awaiting details and pic’s, ready to be learnt! :wink:

the basic requirements?

1) if you can solder a little, follow basic wiring diagrams, use a multimeter to check voltage, polarity, etc… charge and use li-ion without problems? (you know, basically who here CANT do this, right? lol) then you CAN make your own digital night vision. If you swap drivers and MOD host lights? its a natural jump…

2) my only difficulties? were practical “nuts and bolts” issues, physically putting things together… the TECH aspects of it are pretty easy for any flashlight modder, honestly.

3) the “bonus” for us flashlight guys? we get to mod cool zoomies to use the invisible infrared emitter(s)… and we dont have to pay “too much” like most people for a 20 dollar zoomie host and tossing an emitter in it (prices for IR illuminators are a little bit ridiculous, IMHO if you have to BUY one)

4) the better you are at “fabricating” (nuts and bolts) the more fun you have building stuff

5) I bet most of us here? if we didnt see “flashlight modding” online one day? most of us would never know we could play with flashlights like we do, so…. heres the “budget light forum” of the home made digital night vision world…

(you can mention “sedders” sent you, they know me)

now let me see if i can scare up some pictures to whet your appetite…

Anyone have any more thoughts on this topic, interested in buying a night vision scope and making an IR illuminator.