Video - One Way to reflow a led to a star, using a soldering iron

This shows reflowing a Nichia 219 onto an XP-G star, using standard 60/40 solder and an iron. Applies to cree leds as well.

There are Many other methods.

Sweet! Thank you so much for making this video.

I love your tutorials! :smiley:

Thanks, there needs to be more stuff like this.

good video :slight_smile:
and you need to cut your finger nails lolzz :bigsmile:

I think you’ll find the discolouration is the rosin in your solder, usually solder paste would be used and doesn’t discolour.

Good job by the way.

Thanks. Its good to see it done first hand.

In the video you say it’s hard yet you make it look so easy.
Thanks for making this video Justin, I never knew how to do it before :slight_smile:

Excellent! Or bad video, cause now I want to buy more components and try this.

There is a red (LED?) flash coming from your PCB. I was wondering what that was. It’s just after 7:58 in the video.

Thank you.

@MRTDiver, yeah I noticed that too. It is at the bottom solder joint.

I think it’s just reflecting light.

it’s great to have what people describe in words actually presented in a video format. Takes a lot of the mystery out of it.

One question though - I thought it didn’t rain in Texas?

Probably a red LED on the camera being reflected.

I would recommend using the largest/flat tip that you have for heating the back side of the star. It will transfer heat a lot better and might reduce the discoloration. 790F is probably a good temp for doing it. I usually use 700F for soldering/desoldering. 600F would probably be fine for most soldering work, but I like it hot. Tips and heaters last exponentially longer with lower temps.

Hot air tools can cause problems with LEDs… it can mess up the dome.

It’s the reflection from the Canon camera. It flashes a red light when recording.

I thought about a flat tip, but I’m just darned lazy to change the tip!Laughing

Hey, it doesn’t! I am so glad it’s raining. Still raining! 3" so far today. Nice gentle rain!

Me too.

I have a 40 watt Weller SP-40 unregulated iron with a huge (1/2” wide), heavy tip that I keep handy for the brutal force work. It takes quite a while to heat up and I tend not to fire it up when I should… and usually regret it afterwards. Sometimes a nuclear powered sledgehammer is the best tool for the job. I did a bunch of stars using your technique, but the reflow heat was provided by a small butane torch.

Nice video and it’s great, that you use the new soldering iron.

I looks really easy - maybe I will try the same with a XM-L LED with became lose of the star.

Great video! But I'm too lazy to clean the bottom of the star afterwards, so I use the ceramic glass cooktop instead. Works pretty good.. I have done several XML, XPG, XRE and Nichia and so far none died \o/