Video review and tear down of the SkyRay S3

My favorite EDC light, courtesy of Tmart

Thanks for sharing , Old-Lumens .

Looking forward to the mod .

Just wanted to thank you, because I keep stumbling over this flashlight and there is very little information to find.

Good to see an BLF member already done a review on it.

I really love this light. I carry it every night to work, clipped on my belt. I modded it with an 8x7135 driver and use Efest 16340 cells. It's bright as heck! I stripped the anodizing and polished it. Very nice light.

Thanks for the review. Now I have to buy another flashlight :~

Clone of the McGizmo Ti PD or the McLux III [tried to find a good pic of both]. Beautiful design and size. Will a 18350 fit?

Seems as if the Fandyfire S3 (Dealextreme) is sold out (21,7$). The Skyray Version (kaidomain) is 32$ .

Tmart Under $20

Also Tmart US

16340 only


I think CNqualitygoods is clearing out the Sky Ray S3 for $15.

Thanks for the video OL. It looks like a nice little light. Are you thinking of dedoming it? It would be interesting to see before and after shots with the stock light and then driven at 2 amps.