Video Review: Blackwater SR-71, Triple XPG2, 1000 lumens, 16340, Brass

Hey guys. Banggood wanted me to do a review on this, so here it is. A few people have asked me on my Youtube channel if this takes 18350s…. the answer is some. I have a red Efest high drain and a black Keeppower high drain, and the Keeppower works. These two cells are nearly identical in their dimensions- but I can’t get it to light up with the Efest. Anyway… here it is.

was that a Leffe beer @~6:45?? :slight_smile:

Yep! Leffe brown.

So…. mhanlen…… I think I’ve come up with a theory. Based on your videos, you have no overhead or other pre-wired lighting in your home or external buildings. You have marketed yourself and your Youtube channel with the sole plan of providing your cozy home with enough batteries and flashlights (torches if you prefer) so that your only significant grid imprint is charging said batteries (which I suppose you could charge elsewhere) and running your refrigerator and laundry. Is that anywhere close? :smiley: :laughing:

I stopped trying to make the videos make sense, as to why I’m using one. I went with “drinking in the basement.” I thought maybe I could just charge batteries at work- remove all the bulbs altogether and just place a few lights in every room. No money spent on lighting… just $200 worth of air conditioning.

Sho nuff! :+1:

I have the same model, SR71 in brass for the past 2 weeks, and it works fine with Keeppower IMR black and AW IMR red button-top.
I don’t have the red Efest to confirm mhanlen finding on the battery.

One thing for sure, the UI sucks though.
The same dreadful UI as MecArmy PT series 1st generation

Mine Works with Nitecore IMR 18350 cell

Good to know. I have no idea on earth why they’d go with this UI. Glad I never bought one of those. Honestly I have no idea why that eFest won’t work, other than it won’t. This UI would be vastly improved if they just got rid of the mandatory turbo burst.

If Anybody knows how to flash the firmware to MecArmy latest UI, as they are using the same driver and charging port as the PT series, please share the finding here.
The 1 second Turbo burst is the real bummer, especially if using the light as nightstand light.

The build quality and finishing are superb, pity about the UI.
Mine seems to patina nicely after 2 weeks of EDCing

I managed to put an FET driver in the MecArmy PT16, removed the built in charger and bored it for an 18350, saw some 2300 lumens out the front. Rigged the charger with magnet tipped leads to charge a cell from a battery back-up. :wink:

It’s very tight in there, but it can be done.

The MecArmy Brass and Titanium versions of the PT16 have an aluminum reflector instead of optics. Interesting. Can’t justify the kind of monies though.

akhyar, that aging brass SR71 is looking Very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks Dale.
While it doesn’t patina as fast as copper, I like the subtle change to the colour.

Didn’t know that the MecArmy brass and titanium versions using aluminium reflector, but I noticed they uses premium packaging with included leather holster.
But the jump in price is just too high for my liking

The new aluminum mirror finish reflector is like much bigger lights, the three merge together with a point in the middle. This allows for large reflector cups and will probably have a much tighter beam with further throw. They just almost got me with that brass one, I mean, the Ti one grabs my TiFreak by the horns but the brass is so much more practical and could take modding to extremes due to it’s better thermal properties. The price point though. And the lights I already have coming in…. :confounded:

Has anyone heard of newer versions of these Blackwater SR 71s with better UI options?

I only know HKEquipment put these lights just a coupe of hours ago on Facebook. No idea if UI is changed, but you might want to check it out.

On May 31, 2017, the stockroom employees at Banggood reported they physically checked their SR-71s for UI function.
Verdict: Same original UI, the Blackwater SR-71 still starts off with TURBO……

Sadly, it looks like the guys at Altun are slow learners when it comes to North American predilections.

@mhanlen, thank you for the review and honest assessment of the terrible UI with pre flash and memory.

now a minor tint tangent…
I predict my fantasy version of the SR71 would sell like hotcakes. It appeals to the smooth, non tactical, market niche.

I have a dream:
It will contain 3 N219b 4000k, and it will have the V3 PK-16 UI that Always starts on Low, with no Memory.

here is the prototype:

after the triple nichia sell out success, the dream continues with UI V4:
Low will turn on One 3000k N219A
Medium will turn on One 4000k N219B
High will turn on One 5700k N219C

here is a mockup:

We are still in the fantasy phase of the UI design, so if you have suggestions, please contribute.

Feedback request
Pro or Con

  1. medium should fire 2 LED, not 1
  2. high should fire 3 LED, not 1
  3. bezel should be smooth, not scalloped
  4. One piece Tailcap w integrated Trit Slot, and keyring hole.

Meanwhile I just have to say, these triple heads are really pretty!