Video Reviews: Klarus XT11S Tactical Flashlight (XPL HI) & Klarus AR10 90 degree light

Hey there BLF… I figured it was best to just lump both of these videos into a single thread. Klarus sent me these lights for review.

First is the XT11S tactical USB Rechargeable 18650-powered flashlight. It features programmable user interfaces, and side and rear control of the modes and strobes. It’s possible to make it a mutlti mode light or a 2 mode light (strobe and turbo). It features momentary strobe and turbo as well. In the video I go over the UI, have beamshot comparisons, and do runtime tests.

Up next is the aluminum convertible right angle AR10. It features a magnet in the tailcap that allows it to me mounted in a variety of areas… it’s USB rechargable, and has 4 modes. It can be used as a standard or right angle light. All the talking and demonstrating is in the video.

Nice reviews you EXTREMELY TACTICAL you.
Cool to see you check all Klarussissus specs, thanks!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s TACTICAL MAN!! :wink:

Thanks for some nice reviews. Special the AR10, a light I that would not have crossed my mind before you reviewed it. As for the dangling when you hang it on your backpack. I often use my H3 WarBoy hanging on its clip, but on the INSIDE of my breast-pocket. You just have to turn the clip 180 degrees on the body. Perhaps this also works for the AR10 (not being an AR15 for attending kindergarten).

That might work for pocket carry… although it would be a bit taller than the warboy. Or one of those Velcro straps that come with a light to stabilize the bottom… provided you have it mounted on a strap.

Nice reviews like always. During the XT11S beamshot comparison I hear like fireworks or gunshots? Do you hear that?

I commented about that on youtube, he recorded around the 4th of July. that sound you hear is the sounds of freedom. Fireworks and gunshots. :slight_smile:

Freedom is explosions.

If you like the XT11S, but like to have a little more input form the oomph department: now there is also an XT11GT.
It has an XHP35 HI D4 led, comes with a 3600 mAh battery, and is capable of laying 2000 lumens into your tactical fist.
M4D M4X is organising a GB, but if you are still thinking about the money: Klarus is GAW 3 of them on the other forum.
Just saying (it popped-up in my morning scan).

hey, Tactical Man, how come you are only wearing your Ghillie Suit on your face? :wink:

It’s gone now!

Mhanlen, are there springs at both ends of the battery chamber? This can be important in a tactical light, to prevent mode changes or the light turning off from sudden impacts (like using the strike bezel, or from recoil if mounted on a gun).

There are. I was trying to illustrate later in the video by smacking it a bunch of times with my hands… that it either didn’t cut off or have a momentary lapse in power when hit with a hard jolt. I know it’s not a rifle recoil, but I was hitting it pretty hard.

Nice video review mate. If I compare this Xt11s with Xt11gt then I will go with xt11s. Although, xt11gt is 2000 Lumens but it is not worth buying. That light has an overheating problem. On the other hand, xt11s only 1100 Lumens but this brightness is enough to see anything. Moreover, it has not any overheating problem. Thus, I always prefer to buy klarus xt11s flashlights. I am using this from last six months without any problem.