Vinh Thrower Light Comparo - X60vn, K40vn, TN31vn, K50vn, TK61vn - Beamshots

We finally got a chance to get out again and do some beamshots of some recently purchased serious throwing lights along with a couple others for comparison sakes. Went out to our usually park and set up our 300m target. The target is a 8ft x 12ft tarp. Unfortunately, the field beyond the 300m target was lit up from some ball park lights, so anything beyond the 300m really cant be compared.
The contenders and my most recent test numbers are -
X60vn - 6900 lumens - 460kcd
K40vn - 1625 lumens - 397kcd
TN31vn - 1740 lumens - 498kcd
K50vn - 1755 lumens - 542kcd
TK61vn - 1735 lumens - 622kcd
The X60vn didn’t really belong in this group being a high power triple led light, but I haven’t had the chance to get it out at 300m and more. And besides, this beast fits right in the pack for throw.
All shots were done using my Canon T3i set at f5.6, 1/2sec, ISO 800. The non zoomed shots were done at a wide 18mm focal length to show full flood & throw. The zoomed shots were done at 135mm focal length.
Anyways, I think most will agree the real winners in this beamshot comparison was the TK61vn and the X60vn. The X60vn is quite simple a monster. Awesome flood and awesome throw. It’s in a class of its own. The only true rival is a BTU Supershocker, though it falls a little short. The TK61vn is obvious the winner in throw. It is the reflector based throw king & and these shots back up the test numbers.
Though all of these lights are really winners. All have 1600 plus lumens and can throw over 1200 meters. So there are no dramatic differences when shooting at a 300m target.
Without further ado, the shots -
X60vn -

K40vn -

TN31vn -

K50vn -

TK61vn -

Now a little zoomed in. Same order. -
X60vn -

K40vn -

TN31vn -

K50vn -

TK61vn -

Thanks for that :slight_smile: Always interesting!

As you said that with these caliber of lights comparisons at longer range would also be very interesting. Do you have anywhere local where 7-800m shots would be possible?

Some serious monsters in your stable, for sure.

By the way, don’t forget to use your 1.6X multiplier for your crop sensor camera…18mm acts like 29mm and 135mm is more like 216mm. :wink:

Might should have gone to 1 sec at 800 ISO. They’re still clear as a bell though, plain to see what kind of light is getting down range. Did y’all go through a box of cells doing this? lol, burning up enough wattage to light a house up for while!

Do you have the yardage mapped for that second fence behind your target? What’s that, some 425 or more? Light still easily getting over there even though you’re aiming lower. We’re gonna have to find you a straight shot with plain targets at 250, 500, 750, and 1500 yds. Heck, might need a 3000 yd target thrown in for good measure!

We do have a long range beamshot area in the planning stages. It is a long pipeline channel through a national forest. It’s slightly hilly, but looks like we can do anywhere from about 600m - 1000m. Only thing holding us up is the target itself. We’ve tried multiple times before to get that big 8 x 12 tarp up, but its VERY hard. The wind cuts down that channel and catches that tarp like a sail on sailing ship. But we will get it done. These lights do need longer distances to stretch their legs. On that one we’ll include every serious thrower brother & I have capable of showing up.

Yeah, the 1 sec exposure would have lightened things up a bit better. I’ll try that next time. As I just noted above, long range shots are certainly in the plans. Soon.

If the tarp is dedicated as your target, cut some L shaped slots in it for the wind to go through. This will allow your tarp to stand and still have a presentation for the light to hit.

If you can get a couple of old wheels, have an appropriate length of pipe welded to em or a sleeve welded to the wheel for the pipe to slip into, use these for stands, tire and all, they’ll be pretty hard for the wind to blow down if you have a few relief slots cut in the tarp.

Not a bad idea. We have pockets on all 4 sides of the tarp, so the pipe could be put through it. We tried just stacking pipes up before, but the wind would blow it down before we could get beyond one post. The relief cut would help too, just not sure if this tarp is heavy enough that it might start ripping more if cut. I’ll think on that one.
There is a nice 6ft wood post in the ground at the target site. I was thinking of simple screwing a 4’ x 8’ sheet of painted plywood to it. Just not sure if 4 x 8 is big enough at such long distance. Though we will use two cameras, one at about 50-100m and one at full distance for this setup.

Re-enforce the tarp with some of that Gorilla duct tape (200mph tape) on the backside, this will keep it from tearing. Toting a 4x8 sheet of plywood half a mile in a good breeze is a chore, leave that to your brother…

Shooting across distance from high ground gives a unique perspective to the beam shots. Remember how it looked at the lake? We were on high ground shooting downhill? It helps delineate the targets and allows distant targets to show over closer ones. Automotive reflector tape on the target’s most distant can really make em stand out with the light hitting em. :wink: I cut numbers out of the silver reflective tape and used it to mark gallon jugs of water set at a taper, widest off the central line being closest and on the central line being furthest out. The light makes the numbers flare up, easily seen at a distance. I did that on the football field out to 120 yds, no reason it wouldn’t work further.

You might start getting a real world idea what they can do starting at 600m. It’s like comparing 5 Little League home runs to 5 ML homers in a Little League park. I figure like a t.v. sports announcer would think, why bother? lol

Planning on the long shots soon. Likely 7-800m will be best in the area I will be shooting at next.

awesome shots there! hay can i request that your take the supershocker on that next set of shots please.

Thanks guys. Excellent effort again. All this exercise must be keeping you both fit. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I will have two supershockers, a TN31mb, SR90 SBT70, Vostro dedomed XPG2, and any others that brother and I have capable of 1000m. for our next comparison.

Well not enough. We are both a bit on the “large” side. But we both enjoy running all over the parks and forests when doing beamshots.
Oh, as a side note, keep an eye out for a Little Light shootout being posted up soon. We also just did it last night. It has some creations of yours - and they kick some serious butt.

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Again, very nice shots! Thanks for all the efforts

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nice flashlights tho!!

You mean a quintuple monster light?

Nice beam shots and a great collection :slight_smile:

Great shots ! that X60vn is quite the photon gun.