Vinhnguyen54 Has Some Lights for Sale For Those Interested

I decided to trust Vinh and leave the domes on, that's what he recommends, and says he did for himself.

I think what I'll do is have him do a dedome on the second light.

It should still probably end up killing all my other "thrower" lights even with the dome on, except for the tn31 and k40.

I just mailed my BTU shocker to him today. He should have it Monday.

I've been really torn on the BTU shocker... obviously the performance is there, but it just looks so unbalanced.

I had Tom E. mod my TN31 and I bought a Vihn mod TN31 both should be here next week. Should be a fun event :bigsmile:

Well if your going to get a BTU Shocker done by Vinh he’ll de-dome it for more lux. So I see no need not to de-dome the TK75 as well. Just my opinion. It’s still gonna have a lot more spill than a K40 or TN31 de-domed Vinh job. My BTU Shocker if I do get it done will be de-domed XM-L2’s.

He recommends you to keep the dome on the TK75. That is what he has said to me and another guy here.

But that still don’t tell me why. On his TK75 thread he clearly says dome or de-dome.

I’ll go ask him why.

De-domed Shocker, direct drive: I measured 415 kcd, 3,900 lumens. My kcd measurement I think is low though, measured at 4.3 meters.

Now that is BEAST MODE |(

Last night, I shined the super TN31 and super Shocker up in the night sky, and man, the Shocker's trail is big and wide compared to the TN31. Of course at 3,900 lumens, it lights up almost anything you can see, close or far away .

Oh wow, how long can you run it for?

Sounds awesome!!

Oh noooo, don't ask me bout runtime... When you are doing insane amps on high amp cells that are of course lower capacity, there isn't much runtime, but in high mode, you should be going in short intervals anyway... Answer is... I dunno Frown.

Seriously, I know I don't test much in runtime and I don't think vinh does either. When you are pushing way beyond the normal specs in high amps, I woud be guessing it tracks well to runtime reduction, but HKJ's battery tests should show all that.


Can you please explain why you recommend leaving the domes on the emitters on the TK75? I would think de-doming would be the way to go for throw. Is the beam quality not as good?

Here’s what he said.

Beam is just as good but with more throw. I just personally like the wider hot spot as I have other dedicated thrower already.o like to retain the nice natural XM-L2 T6 5500K tint. This just me.

Now my preference would be dedomed. I would rather have more throw. But I guess I understand what he is saying. Heck I guess those that have the Vinh TN31 or K40 would go the domed route for more wider hotspot.


I would love to see the beam on that thing.

hmm… i’m interested in TK75, how do i contact him without opening account on CPF?

He has an account here, though does not visit here as often as CPF

PMd you details daylighter.

I’ll send you his email address via pm.

I have a dedomed tk75 by vinh. It’s 6500k and on the lower power modes the dedome makes the tint kind of green with 6500k xml2u2. First he did 5500k for me and it was a little to warm for my liking. He told me it has to do with the way the reflector is on that light . The 3a mod he does to the driver is a huge increase over the stock one. Would be curious to see pics of the domed vs dedomed beam. His work is awesome I own a tn31 k40 tk75 and tx25c2 all modded by him