Vinhnguyen54 Has Some Lights for Sale For Those Interested

He has one almighty TN31 and he also has a TN30 that is dedomed and a few other lights. I highly recommend Vinh’s work. I have his de-domed TN31 and K40 and nothing in my arsenal will touch them for throw.

i want that v10r ti+... bad...

I’ll bet that TN30 is one mean momma.

Just bought the Maelstrom G5 and the TN31

I PMed him on the TN30, trying to trade my stock one in + cash. Im sure its a MONSTER

But I’m gonna send him my TK75 instead.

Ugh... wish payday was today, 3 lights there I would love to have.

I have two Vinh modded lights now, and they absolutely blow away everything else I own.

I know the feeling.

Vinh says he’s going to look into making a even better thrower.

I might add that he received my K40 I sent him on Friday. On Monday, it was back on my front porch.

That is crazy fast speed!!

Sent him an offer on the v10r, doubt he will take it though

Well, tonight for me it will be the battle of the throwers... Vinh's K40 against his TN31, and the FF4. Of course the FF4 will smoke both in power, but I'm very very curious to see if I can see a difference in throw. Based on numbers others have posted the TN31 should beat even the FF4 in throw, and even the K40 is just incredible.

We're slowly but surely approaching the holy grail of flashlights.... at least to me, of being able to light something up literally a mile away for under $200.

The TN31 de-domed XM-L2 will beat the FF4 in throw. You may not be able to see it much. But with good focus pictures on manual exposures with fast shutter speed and ISO turned down and white balance off or set to fine or the image of the sun on a good camera you will clearly see the Vinh TN31 clearly wins at 500K vs 430K.

Thought I was first inline for the TN31, but apparently rikr has it.

dayam… fmcamaro beat me to TN30… i want that light :_(

Looks like scout24 actually got that one.

This one he just posted today.

I have a feeling after getting my first TK75 modded by him, I'm gonna need him to do the second one too... getting the first one back hopefully monday. In other unrelated news... he is freaking FAST in doing these mods.

It’s hard to beat Vinh.

Did you get your TK75 dedomed to XM-L2’s? That would be the way to go in my opinion.

That is the truth! Anything I have sent to him, I get it back in two or three days at the most.

I would think that the demomed would be the way to go, but Vinh recommends keeping the dome on the TK75.