VINH'S CREATIONS. Watt makes them so special?..........

I think that’s the most important thing people like Vinh do—demonstrate what’s possible “outside the box,” where manufacturers don’t have the will or the leadership to experiment that far. 10 years ago, modders were so much more important, as their creations were leaps and bounds beyond what established manufacturers were producing. These days, the LED tech progress has been stellar, and now what modders create isn’t as notably exceptional… and thus, they have to head into areas that are more creative than useful (like massive output with very short runtime). It’s fun to help it along, if you’ve got the disposable income to join it.

here is a Nice Bling Vinh

Vihn has one for sale: Jetbeam Handbuilt DM15vn $ 888.00

Hate to break it to you but Jon has it right.

2 is 25% of 8.

I don't get it! If I have $80.00 that grew to $100.00, wouldn't I have 25% more purchasing power instead of 20%? I could buy 25% more nails with $100.00 than I could with $80.00. I know what you are saying, but can't one look at it both ways instead of just one way?

Oh boy. With percentages you always look at the starting value.

80 x 1.25 = 100 (+25%)
100 x 0.8 = 80 (–20%)

lol oh well, I think someone just nailed it that it's calculated from whatever the starting value is. Time to sip my morning cocoa and deeply reflect on all this

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100 “whatever” is 25% more than 80 “whatever”, because the question is to know how much more of 80 you need to equal 100. You need 25% more of 80 to have 100.
80 is 20% less than 100 because the question is to know how much less of 100 you need to have 80. You need 20% less of 100 to have 80.

0.1 is 25% brighter than 0.08
0.08 is 20% dimmer than 0.1

Funny how we’re not even talking about Vinh anymore XD

This is a serious question —- if you have 4 cells —- what % are they matched—- just curious

2630 mah 2670 mah 2570 mah 2530 mah

Vinh —- Who’s Vinh

From .08 to .100 is a 25% increase/gain.

Found this handy dandy calculator for the math impaired (4th calculator down)… Percentage Calculator | Math Easy Solutions

Finally, someone who states it clearly. And without all the “lol!” Yes, 80 lumens is 100% of it’s capability. Increase it by 25% and you have 100 lumens.

Vinh is a really nice guy doing what he loves for a living.

He may seem a little confusing to us on BLF though, because of cultural differences. Someone mentioned that BLF is like “monkey see, monkey do” while CPF is more like “monkey see, monkey buy”. While this is massively oversimplified, I think it points toward the core of the matter.

The two forums have different values and different norms, so what makes sense on one may be confusing on the other. BLF tends to behave a lot like a makerspace, with a lot of value placed on giving, collaborating, and sharing “how”. CPF tends to behave more like a marketplace, with more value placed on having, showing, and sharing “what”. While on BLF we might say “hey check out this awesome thing I figured out”, on CPF it’s more along the lines of “hey check out this awesome thing I found”.

On CPF, “proprietary” means something is exclusive, which makes it desirable because no one else has it, and if you have your own proprietary stuff you’d have to be dumb to reveal your secrets. On BLF, “proprietary” means incompatible or secretive, which makes it undesirable, and if you make a discovery the obvious thing to do is share it with everyone.

On BLF, we may sometimes be a little suspicious of new people and new companies at first, but are generally more welcoming, and almost always ready to dive into something new and give it a try. Some of our favorite brands and vendors didn’t even exist a year or two ago… and some of our past favorites are barely even mentioned now. We welcome the new and aren’t shy about leaving the old behind. CPF tends to take a different approach though, where new brands are risky and not really worth paying attention to until they’re proven. And once established, a brand can generally count on people being pretty loyal unless the brand really messes up. It’s hard to get in, but it’s pretty stable once you’re there. They look after their own.

This is long and rambly, but I hope it helps explain about Vinh. He’s doing a very good job of what he does, but coming from a BLF perspective it may not make sense because he’s not operating in BLF’s culture. In the culture he operates in though, he’s a rockstar.

There are more than two cultures in the flashlight community though.

For example, Fonarevka is pretty different than both BLF and CPF. At first glance, the main thing which probably stands out is that people there communicate in a much more abrasive manner. Opinions are strong and claws come out frequently, and that’s just normal.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. Like, take the concept of simplicity. On BLF, simple means elegant, refined, or easy. If it’s easy to use, that means it’s well-designed. But on Fonarevka, simple means primitive, and if something is easy it’s probably not worthwhile. Sophistication is more desirable, and you have to work hard to get the good stuff.

So on BLF, we say things like “for a good result, follow these three simple steps… sorry it requires soldering; we’re working on getting it produced so more people can have it”. And on Fonarevka it’s typically more like “for a good result, carefully follow these seventeen steps and their sub-steps… and when you finish making this thing very few people have, enjoy it because you’ve earned it”. If it’s hard to do or hard to use, that means you have skills and intelligence. Simple is for simpletons.

These values are seen even in commercial offerings like Lux-RC lights and the Meteor.

I can’t fit a full cultural analysis into a single post, much less three complete cultural analyses… and I’ve no doubt oversimplified or misrepresented some things here, stereotyping to make differences more clear. But I hope the general idea is clear — different communities have different cultures and different values, so they reward different behaviors and different designs. If something on another forum doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not because it actually makes no sense… it’s probably because the person looking at it doesn’t have the cultural background to properly understand it in context.


1.0 is 25% more than 0.8.

0.8 is 20% less than 1.0.

Well said. :+1:

I send Vinh a High CRI light that starts out at 800 lumens, he increases the lumens by 25% (by decreasing the CRI), I receive back a light with 1000 lumens. The modded light is 25% brighter.

I send Vinh a Low CRI light that starts out at 1000 lumens, he reduces the lumens by 20% (by using an LED with higher CRI), and I get back a light with 800 lumens. The modded light is 20% less bright.

The difference in lumens in both cases is 200 lumens.
200 is 25% of 800
200 is 20% of 1000

I word my sentences very carefully
If I say the lumens increased by 25%
or if I say the lumens decreased by 20%
both are true

the formula is (Proposed new Lumens divided by Existing Lumens) –1 = percent change

Proposed new lumens 1000
existing lumens 800
(1000/800)–1=.25 = 25%

Vinh knows this, that is why in order to produce the highest lumens, he uses Low CRI LEDs.