Vintage flashlight collection for auction on Ebay

Hello. I am auctioning off a collection of over 250 vintage flashlights on Ebay. If you are interested, please check out the following link:

I am not a collector and acquired these at an auction, most start at $1.99. I will be listing 5-10 of them every night for the next several weeks. If you have any questions, or see one you would like me to list, please let me know.

Thank you!

A bigger photo might help. I can't see any of them, but that's a lot of lights! Someone was a collector!

Will have to watch the auctions, there's gotta be something I must have there!

Thanks for the post.

in his listings, there is a pic of the collection that you can look at bigger

I can't figure out how to make the picture bigger on here, but here is a link to my photobucket page with several pictures close up.

A friendly note to all non-US collectors: Shipping seems to be only to US => find yourself a good US friend, soon! :)

There are some REALLY nice items BTW!

I will have to make a note in the listings, but I WILL ship internationally, just contact me for a shipping quote, I don't want to make ANY money off shipping, however, I do not want to loose any either

Thanks for the link to the photos. I will be watching.

That's a heck of a collection. There are four specific lights that I am looking for so I will be watching.

It doesn’t hurt to have some of the lights with “Buy It Now” prices for anyone who might be interested at a specific price but isn’t willing to wait around for 6 days.

I don’t know how many “collectors” we have on here (BLF) but some of the retro but not so vintage cheaper lights are probably the ones that have more of our attention.

I’ll also note that I’ve purchased about 3 older lights and shipping was $2 on two of them and $5.50 on the other. All of them came in a padded envelope with the light wrapped in bubble wrap and all came just as quickly.

First-class mail is cheaper and just as fast as Priority Mail and for items that don’t cost all that much in the first place shipping can be more than the item is worth. Just a thought.

I contacted him via greedbay and he won't do BIN... wants to play auction games. Pity. Half a dozen folks on CPF asked for BIN also.

No BIN, no sale for me. More aggravation than it's worth. Screw auctions... if I was president, I'd make auctions a felony.


Haha. It’s his merchandise and he can do as he wants :slight_smile:

However, if I had 250+ old flashlights to move I’d be listing all but the most valuable at $5 each with $3 first-class shipping and clear them out.

He mentioned on CPF that he got them for $1 each so that’s a good profit. There’s only so many people who are even interested in old flashlights and when you have 300 lights to move all at one time that might not be the easiest thing to do.

It’s been a while since I’ve used eBay as a seller but there are fees to the seller even if an item doesn’t sell aren’t there? So far most of his lights have no bidders.

If it were me I’d do the auction thing only for the more collectible pieces that are worth anyones time bidding on.

If you don't like the auction game, set and forget it, I have one word. ESNIPE

He’s doing pretty well so far. It is interesting (to me anyway) to watch.
He’s got about 25 lights listed and roughly $110 minimum in bids some of which will go up of course. Most of it is for the higher priced lights but still not bad considering he paid an average of $1 per light.

Well, All I can say is I am selling these the way I am going to sell them. I realize there is no way to make everyone happy, but I can promise one thing, I am an HONEST seller on ebay, so no "auction games" or anything like that. If you check out my listings and see my other business account, you will see I am a top rated seller, I make my living on Ebay.

What I am probably going to do is after the first few rounds of auctions and re-listings for the ones that don't sell, I will lump the remaining ones in a pile and auction the entire group off at the end.

If this person goes to auctions and buys cheap, then sells on ebay and does the research to find a good starting price, based on market value, then this person is your typical ebayer. Buy low and sell high. That is LIFE my friends. If you want to get it for nothing, then you need to go to the auctions every night and put in your time. Advertising here is only smart. If I had a bunch of flashlights, I would put them up on ebay, if I wasn't a dedicated member here.

Making money isn't a crime fellows, it's the american way, that we were all taught. Like it or not, it's just life. Personally I think this person's starting prices are too high on some of the stuff, but you see people are already bidding on them, so it's working isn't it.

Good post Old-Lumens.

I just see people here continuing in the BLF tradition of being hard on sellers (a tradition I have no problem with) :slight_smile:
That’s our job! There’s nothing personal about it. Nothing wrong with making as much money as possible. There’s nothing wrong with anyone here trying to get it for as little as possible either :slight_smile: