Running out of a few big bottles of Stoli that I'd picked up duty free because I started adding a little to my coffee.

The governor says no Russian Vodka will be sold in the state for the time being .

I found out Stoli isn't made in Russia anyway rather Latvia .. That said I thought maybe it's time to try something else ...just for fun .

Thinking about Sobieski as a quick and easy answer but am curious about peoples recommendations .

Any Ideas ?

I don't drink, but I know some people are getting Ukrainian vodka to support Ukraine a little.

I'm guessing you just want whatever vodka is best, however, and honestly that's what I'd be looking for if I liked vodka.

Hmmm… Never tried coffee with vodka. Maybe I should try it! :+1:

Most of the vodka is just Russian rectified spirit mixed with water.
There is not so many distillery left in the world.

I like Wyborowa (Polish).

Wyborowa is actually French but they claim, that is manufactured (whatever it means) in Poland.
Personally I don’t drink vodka, strong drinks I prefer Don Julio Anejo.

On the Vodka forums Sobieski gets rave reviews and is seen as far underpriced for it’s quality.

Latvia (Stoli) is NATO and Poland is NATO (Sobieski).

There are so many Vodkas not made in Russia, so there shall be alternatives.
Anyway, a good Vodka tastes like nothing on it’s own. It does not even smell. Just like little water, thats’s the name.
Every pharmacy or drug store has a much cheaper alternative, called pure Ethanol or Drinking Alcohol, if so desperately desired.
Cut it with good fresh spring water and you have vodka.

Biden signed an executive order banning all Russian alcohol. Apparently very little “Russian” vodka is actually made in Russia. So this doesn’t really accomplish much. Read the label before you dump it out. Seems like a very slippery slope when you’re talking about banning alcohol.

Schmirnoff wins in tastes tests. Every time. Costs less as well. Doesn’t have the fake “classy” cache though.

Polish potato vodka for me—Chopin, Luksusowa and the like.


So much good vodka available.

Best value vodka by far! (Have no idea who makes it.) Trader Joes Vodka of the Gods. Dirt Cheap but premium good.

Kirkland American Vodka also dirt cheap and probably about in the same class as Sobieski. Good vodka.

My favorite, although too expensive for me to drink regularly, is 45th parallel. Made in a small Wisconsin town where I was living when I joined BLF. Best Vodka I have ever had.

Wódka Wyborowa is a Polish Vodka. The company was bought by a french conglomerate. It is still Polish made vodka and quite good.

Ethanol is not 100% purity, pharmaceutical ethanol is not a mixture with water, do not drink it. Don’t recall what the mixture is for that stuff but lab grade ethanol is usually mixed with benzene to give a higher purity.

I don’t drink much hard liquor anymore, except for the moonshine a friend makes.

He tosses a few ripe damson plums that he grows into the jar and fills the jar.

Or if that is not your level of DIY, buy a bottle of Everclear. Made in US and 190 proof so it can be, should be, stretched.

After 30+ years of consuming alcoholic beverages, (not nearly as much now as in my young years,) i realized 1 thing, if aren’t drinking straight up, but mix it with other stuff, it makes no difference what kind of vodka you mix, you wont know any difference, for that purpose i have everclear, 95% by volume. it is more than double the proof, so i just add less then half of what i’d add if it was 40%.
For drinking straight up, it is not as simple, manufacturers change process and it affect the product, 15 or so years ago, i would only drink grey goose, but then they change something, it it is no longer what it used to be, same for Finlandia vodka, used to be 35, but some time ago they stopped making it and started making 40. it is no longer drinks as smooth, i’m not sure if those 5% made such a difference, i think it only a consequence of different manufacturing process. lately if i drink straight up i drink beluga, but it is from Russia, so i prbly will no longer be able to buy it,
Another thing i realized to make even so so vodka go in easier, keep in in the freezer. And another thing stay away from Georgi vodka that comes in plastic bottles, that is some nasty stuff. best use for it, is in your car’s windshield washer tank, that stuff i would not even mix with anything,

Here in the UK, we have Chase Distillery, makers of a potato vodka and other spirits.

Following the huge interest and appreciation here of flavoured gins, this has now spread to vodkas. One of my favourite Winter tipples is Blood Orange Vodka, mixed with a little fresh clementine juice. Since it must be high in vitamin C, I have convinced myself that it is medicinal. :slight_smile:

I got an old beater of a car. Would not do that to my poor car.

95% of hard liqour is scotch or cognac straight up. Once in a while Vodka in mixes, which like you say doesn’t really matter.

I just sit back like a playah and sip that Grey Goose.

Naw, not really. If I do want “unflavored” alky, I’ll just add 190-proof (95% v/v) EtOH like Wodka Wyborowa.

There’s that high-test rum that’s also similar, eg, Bacardi 151.

Burns the same going down, so I haven’t noticed any difference in “taste”.

Be aware, though, that shiite evaporates outta the bottle once it’s cracked open. Especially with those POS Al-foil “caps” that come-with. Might be liquid-tight, but certainly ain’t gas-tight.

my brother-in-law claims Vodka
has no smell, taste, nor color.

if he is correct…real-deal Vodka
with sufficient content is generic.
one is identical to any other.