VTC6 Battery Pack

Building a 36volt modified Razor scooter for my grandson —- Right now I’m using 3 Lifepo4 12v batteries, it goes 24mph —— I’m building a 10S6P pack that will fit inside the factory compartment— It will consist of 60 VTC6 cells — This pack should make the scooter exceed that 24mph — Li-ion usually has more power, especially at full charge.

They offer substantial power, no doubt.

If you know what you’re doing, why not?


I’ve built several packs by soldering, this will be my first with a spot welder —- One of the main things I’ve learned in multiple cell packs, Fuse every cell individually ( Tesla’s brilliant idea I think )

You’re evidently a smarter man than I!

Good luck and they’re a great cell.

I have a couple of 5As that I use in Emisar D4s and they’re still hanging in there, even though they’re a bit dated.


You’re right , Sony cells are great — I have some VTC5 that are around 8-10 yrs old that test almost new —- The As do push the amps for sure

Lots of trial and error, As with any learning process

I broke down some Sony VAIO packs my brother gave me that went with a 2005ish laptop.

They’re ~2100mAh 18650s jobbies date coded 2002 and they still hover around 75%. I don’t use them in high drain lights, but they’re still kicking some ass.

Sony invented the li-ion 18650, IIRC.