Waiting for lights from the 27th DEC

Hi all I'm waiting for lights from Focalprice, DD, Manafont and Ebay.

I wait every day for the postman to deliver a brown/white package but I get only local mail.

I know it's Chinese New Year with many taking holidays at different times.

Has anyone received their lights?

I am waiting for a bunch of stuff But I did get some bare drop ins from KD on Thursday.

You're not alone.

That's good to hear. So it's not gone AWOL.

Bad to hear, I have to wait.

A lot of stuff ordered last year still in transit here...

only few stuff left. 2 DX orders from early Dec arrived past week. the remaining stuff (my sig) isnt much left. all stuff shipped in January and i am going to add another DD order this week.

DD split a simple order (stock were all in stock!!) and the CNY vacation didnt help either ;)

yup, you're not alone.

good feeling that we're not alone *ggg*

1 light, 1 multimeter, a.o. are among the stuff to arrive..

You are not alone. I am waiting for stuff from early December, from DD and DX. I am also waiting for three Panasonic 18650 s from International outdoors that were shipped on Dec 9th. I believe that pkg is gone missing for sure.

I do not understand why DD and DX had to split orders when none of the items were shown as out of stock at their websites!

Waiting patiently, but already filed a dispute on one of the Dino orders so I will not miss the Paypal deadline. waiting for Summer to get back from New year vacation.

filing a dispute gets your money back (paypal can process only full refunds on disputed orders. no partial refunds), okay. but the parcel could still be in transit and reach you! :mail:

It's definitely not DD's fault (or DX's, or HKE's, ..) if the shipment is in transit for weeks. I try not to give the Ch*nese dealers a hard time once they've dispatched the full order. ( however it#s my right to collect as many dinopoints as possible hehe )

Well, I have 20 days to escalate it into a claim. If I get the pkg in twenty days, fine, I will end the dispute. If not, I still have the right to claim and at least get my money back.

In this case, I haven't got a tracking number for a BC40 that was ordered in December, but shipped early January.

One order of three batteries from International outdoors was shipped with tracking number and I got them a moth ago. Second order of three batteries was sent by HK post without tracking number (I don't know why!!!) only four days after the first order, and I still haven't got it.

In these two cases (there is another one from another vendor) it is only their word. I am not giving anybody a hard time. If I do not get a package in five weeks (after it was shipped) I know there is something wrong somewhere.

I did not even file a dispute on Hank's package. the deadline have passed, but I know Hank will track that pkg or do something when he comes back from New Year vacation.

i think there is 45 day limit to open a dispute, and from then on we get 14 days for the dispute to get settled. during that time the parcel could still reach us. that's a total of 2.0months. fair amount of time ;)

if after 2months you havent got anything by them (parcel or refund or both), then it's definitely time for a claim.

Disputing is ugly. Poor dealers :)

I ordered 3 times in Dec and Jan from DD.

All were deliveried in 2~5 day from Order paid.

Yeah I use Fedex and Express Mail Serivce.

they rock :)

If your light has been dispatched from warehouse of Mainland China ,it will be delayed more than Hongkong.

The processing of China postffice is too slow...

HongKong post office is faster.

Stuff that I ordered/won/purchased of Ebay in Dec is trickling in. I got some AAA rechargable batteries that came in yesterday. Some lights came today. Still have some more stuff.. Like somebody else said, you are not alone.. ;)

I know disputing is ugly. That is why I waited until the last moment (almost) to file one. Payment was sent on Dec 14. No flashlight yet!

DD since Dec 29

Hi there, I am back for work now, and sorry for the long waiting time. Could you please give me your order number,and I will check the status for you, and our suppliers will start their work soon, we will do best to finish the shipment soon. Have a nice day.

There are 4 week delays in the post from China and HK. My orders on ebay from late Dec to early January have just started to move out. They just had to much post it's better than it not arriving.

Some Postal services just will dump the whole lot and pay compensation like airline carriers.

You are not alone people...

I am still waiting for things from ebay which were shipped on 25th and 27th december (almost 2 months from shipping date!!)

Also other things from DinoDirect have a delay of +3 weeks and increasing

I give up!

not alone!

i'm in too.

let's not give up hope.

fran, have you filed any paypal disputes as of recently? ( i havent. )

No, mainly because talking to Ebay sellers via ebay_message and telling them that have passed to much time and still not arrived, they (almost always) offer you to full refund, and when the item arrives (if arrives) you pay again the money to them...