Waiting for the light to turn green - Green Convoy S2+

Edit 03-14-16
The short (18350) green tubes are now listed in the Convoy store. Note: The black 18350 tubes are also listed.
Here is the link to the green S2+ 18350 tube:

Edit 12-29-15
The deep carry clip is now available in Simon’s store here.

Since this one fit’s multiple lights I created a new thread for the clip here

Edit 12-21-15
The host is now available in the store.

Edit 12-09-15
It’s here! :bigsmile: The green Convoy S2+ is available now on Simon’s store.
Here is the link http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Convoy-S2-green-Cree-XML2-U2-1A-EDC-LED-Flashlight-torch-lantern-self-defense-camping-light/330416_32564860692.html

The green Convoy S2+ that is!
Bugging Simon long enough for the blue S2+ worked out nicely so I kept dropping the green hint even though he originally told me “Green flashlights are ugly”. :smiley: I’m sure others asked him for it too. Well he listened. I don’t have a promise of production yet but since he sent me a sneak peak I had to share. Let me know what you all think. I’m looking for feedback to give to Simon. We all know ToyKeeper and Halo want purple :wink: Let’s get some feedback on this one though and then we can address the rest of the rainbow… Who knows, he might have the new deep carry clip ready by the time this one hits production!

Edit: 11-24-15

This is what the production version looks like with the updated darker green color. I left the original picture below for reference.

Now that is a color I want! Woot!!

Bright Orange next, or a deep brown….

+1, 2, 3 ….

Looks great! S2+ is a light I could see myself having a full set of the colors of the rainbow… and their shorty version too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not as nice as the other 2, but still, would buy!

Glad you like it. I do too. I was actually trying for green first as it’s my favorite color but I knew after the “ugly” comment that one would take more convincing and he already had a blue sample collecting dust so that was an easier sell. To be honest I didn’t think he was going to do it but then he surprised me with that picture last night. I’m going to have all the colors too… and short tubes… and deep carry clips. Simon is really on a roll these last few months. The L2 will be out soon and the short tubes are already available for red and blue! If the green gets a good response I’m sure the short tubes for it will follow too.
In case you haven’t seen the blue and red shorties check these out.


I just placed another order with Simon for a Blue Convoy S2+.

I would’ve waited if I had known the green was coming… :tired:

Okay, yes the green looks very nice, but:

Purple = want (for a UV build?) :bigsmile:

For me, this is as pretty as green can get. Cars in this color are amazing, and it sure works out for flashlights.
But purple, ohh I want purple! $)


I would love to see a “white” like Hank did on the M43…

But I agree, Simon is on a roll. Almost too much, because as soon as I order something new he announces something newer. It’s getting to be like the cell phone market.

They’re already on Simon’s store.

I had the same thought last night. If he made a white version well first of all there are very few white lights out there but my main goal was a Captain America shorty using a red tail cap, white body and Blue head. :beer:

Edit: Trademark J-Dub74. That’s all I have to do is say the word “trademark” and it’s mine right? 8)

Hm, I’d sure like to see the S2+ in the gold color he’s using for other Convoy models.

Anyone know for sure which of the Convoy lights lego together, heads/tubes/tailcaps with threads that are consistently the same?
(IF YOU KNOW please add that to

What Legoes with What?

:stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know either. I stopped bugging him about it (well, took a break… I don’t stop) a month ago and just last night he surprised me with that picture.

Oooh THANKS! Appreciate it! :smiley:

DANGIT, I was trying to save some money! :smiley:

edit - well, looks like my money is safe. I don’t want to buy 2 of them. Ah well, Simon’s loss.

You will, eventually (grin).

I wonder if, on request, Simon would offer a “one blue and one red” lot, though.

No interest whatsoever in having 2. I have 2 blue S2+ lights, and I only want 1 short. No need for 2. I’m never buying a red or green, either. So Simon can sell me just one, or none at all. Just like the diffusers he sells, I do not want 5, I want 1. But he doesn’t sell just one, so I’ll never buy one from him.

Fortunately RMM sells the grey 18350 S2 light individually else I’d never have bought one of those, either.