WALLBUYS, extremely pleased with my order.

Just received my first Wallbuys order from the 50% off Christmas sale. Two Solarstorm Raging 5x X-ML, excellent machining, great output, very usable high/medium/low. More flood than SkyRay King, a little less throw, more ceiling bounce. Pretty sure I like this better than the SRK.

The lights came packaged in a cardboard box with foam padding, neither box was crushed. Both were in the Dragon box with lanyard and extra o-ring. Over the last 2 weeks I have received packages from Manafont, Keygos, International Outdoor, Fasttech, Solarforce, Ebay, and Amazon. All of those packages came in envelopes with bubble wrap, most didn’t have inner boxes and most of the ones that did come in flashlight boxes were crushed, the only one not crushed was from Fasttech. Wallbuys is the only vendor that shipped in an outside box. The ones shipped in envelopes also came undamaged but the outer box is extra protection and my pretty Dragon boxes were undamaged.

Worth the wait for the great prices received!!! Can’t wait for my next order, but that’s part of the fun. By the way, I didn’t even check my tracking numbers once.

Had the same great experience 10-01 got it on 22-01, ultrafire xml zoomie only 5$ :slight_smile:
Will buy again!

I'm still waiting for 2/3 of my packages. :(

Second package came today, 3 bike lights, also came in outer box and individual inner boxes. Packaged very well and very nice lights for the money.

Ordered 1/21/13, order was over $15 USD, mailed out the same day, left China 1/26/13 enroute to US. Not bad.

Been lurking and finally joined, but I ordered Jan 16th and received my order today Jan 26th. Olight i3 eos and some xeno grease. Very pleased with wall buys, hope they have more promotions.

Ordered the end of December and still waiting.

Welcome Socal89! I received my first Wallbuys order and was happy. Interesting packaging - no box, just wrapped up in bubble wrap, then shipping paper, then packaging tape all over. All arrived fine. My second order will be delivered Monday (they attempted delivery to my work today - closed). My third order shipped out next day.


Thanks Garry, yeah that’s how mine was packaged too. But the contents were in their original packaging. I’m going to check their site again, been eying that fenix E11.

I received my NY’s sale order today, shipping took a while, but that didnt surprise me ordering from China :D!

Items look great, havent had chance to use them much, but will do so this week ;)!

Thanks, guys, for awesome sale you had ;)!

I received my NY’s sale order Friday last week. Very pleased!
No complaints on shipping time or anything! Shipping time is what I would consider fast.
Thanks Wallbuys!

For my New years promo package (my 2nd order). All packed well, this time in a box. Very happy.


Do you bike lights work ok?

I received 2, both with dead battery packs (not working not charging).

Here is a video i put together for Wallbuys (sorry for the slow server).

I have contacted Wallbuys for replacements but i think they are trying to avoid the issue.

The other six lights i received (actually seven including a skyray 818 i sneaked to a friends order) came in good condition.

How do I request refund for an order that hasn’t arrived? I can’t find it anywhere?!

my red/black light works, the silver/black does not work…
i’m going to make a video of it and send to them.

Received the last of my orders today. Everything looks legit, chargers, batteries, even the Trustfire TR-3T6’s I ordered were genuine with real TF drivers. Got a bunch of great lights I would have never really considered buying at their normal prices. Not the fastest or smoothest of sites, but the prices were great, and so were the goods in the end.

Thanks Wallbuys!

Hey, guys, I just received my first torch, from the Jan. 10 madness sale, this:

55891$18.28SMALL SUN ZY-T13 CREE XM-L T6 LED 1200LM 5 Modes high power Flashlight(2X18650) Black

So very cool light. On and off on the Tail, and a mode switch just below the head. Always starts on high, which is nice for me, and that mode switch is very cool. Way, bright, this one is most definitely a thrower. They had one left for 18.28 and I snagged it. I have bought crappy lights on Ebay, but this is a keeper. I have read that a lot of members love this light, now I know why. Some lights can’t take the Panasonic 3100s, but I could put them in this. Well, pleased, now just waiting for the other torches, of which one is this:

66431$77.07UltraFire T90 CREE 2300LM 5 Mode Waterproof LED Flashlight Black (3x 18650 or 3x 26650)

Just going to add this. Read some posts about too short batteries not fitting in this light. This light is designed for protected batteries, that are longer than unprotected batteries. The Panasonics are quite long, and a bit wider, so they work well in this torch.

Did you buy the bike/headlamp lights that came with a 4 cell 18650 battery pack that were $13.xx? I got 3 and they all work great.


Excellent quality, very durable, these are one of my favorite lights now especially at the price paid. I actually put up a WTB add in the buy and sell forum to try and get a couple more.