Wallbuys uh-oh ?

Saw this YEZL T7-Q5 at Wallbuys on their “up to 48% off” page.

This was at the top of the page, the buy-now button didn’t work.
Scrolling down, it’s listed at $8.80, YAAA, I click the buy button, and it’s $16.95 in the cart ?

So I see the Promo Code, grabbed it and pasted it for some 11~ off, not 48
Yezl T7-Q5 $8.80

What’s the problem, any ideas: off sale, site fubared etc

Last time I bought during battery sale the discounts showed very late in the transaction purchase process . . weird as it sounds.

Same same

Clicky linky and->> Not $3.80

Yeah, I tried that, even the cart showed the higher price.
Looks like their site needs updating, they’ve were on Nationwide holiday till the 6th

No, I mean the discount didn’t show until just before the final purchase confirmation . . even after PP screen IIRC.

It is already 9th October in Hong Kong (3:46 AM).

Otay, I’ll give that a run.

btw, I had one of these under another name, with 3-AAA’s it was good for a 1/4 mile !

Edit: a No-Go, higher price remains in the PayPal “pay now” page :frowning: Boo-Hoo

maybe it’s already expired?

Could be, but it’s still listed today.

It says below the price “Expire: 9st October 2013 ( HongKong Time )”.

I do wonder why it wouldn’t let me order on the 8th ?