Wallet Recommendations?

I’m looking for suggestions for a new wallet.

It must be sized to fit the 149x83mm £20 note. My last two wallets were American. £20s don’t fit well. The tops of the notes stick out if unless I fold them.

Must be legal to carry in the UK. That means no built-in OTF knives. (yikes)

My wallet is usually empty :frowning:

This is what I use:


It's not cheap, but it is very thin.


Also available on Amazon:


without the zipper

I also prefer a thin/small wallet. My wallet for the last 30+ years has been a magazine holster
I bought at a show for $5 at the time. Just large enough to fit a few credit cards and IDs (prob can fit 10
but I only carry absolute min), for bills I fold them in 3rd and they fit in the “belt loop” on the outside. Velcro
closure to keep CCs secured. Large bills I keep inside w/ the CCs.

I used to buy a wallet every 2 years,10 years ago I got a present from my sister, a Freitag wallet made from used truck tarp and bicycle tires. Still using it every day!

Found it on Amazon UK. £26. On the maybe list.

Just got a faraday wallet that blocks scans from getting my credit card info from Mission Darkness.

Mission Darkness

I’ve been using a Mighty Wallet for a few years now that was gifted to me and I don’t think I could use another wallet. I remember when I first got this it was so thin I kept thinking my wallet fell out of my pocket.
The section for bills is 8cm or 3 1/4in wide so I guess it’d be a little tight with those bills. I tried seeing if there was a wider UK version with no luck.

Can’t give a link, I’ve bought it at a Chirstmas market but it says RedRock on it.

It has great leather for stamping though :wink:

Keep the suggestions coming!

So far the Big Skinny and a couple of cork wallets are on my list. Amazon UK suggested a cork wallet when I was looking at the Big Skinny. That got me looking for more.

Debbie thinks the Zebra stripe is too loud. I suppose she is right but I like the look.

These are are made in Portugal:

I have a Identity Stronghold RFID Wallet https://www.idstronghold.com/

They’re supposed to be the best at rejecting scanners.

Google search found this interesting minimalist self-assembled cork wallet.

Do you not fancy making one yourself? I was really after an unusual wallet, maybe made from fur, and won an auction for a tall, chequebook style, cow fur wallet on eBay (a quid…… including postage!!!) - when I got it I didn’t like the dimensions so I decided to unpick all the leather cord stitching, cut it down, glue it back together and re-stitch it. Cost me a bit of time and a couple of quid for some leather glue. It’s a bit rough and ready but I love it!!!