Want to buy Fireflies PL47 L-shape


Was looking for a high CRI headlight and after a posting a thread this light was recommended and fit perfectly with what I needed. However I contacted Fireflies and Jacky says they are out. :(.

I would like to buy one preferably in the Champagne color with the 4x SST20 4000K NW Max 2500lumens CRI95, but of course let me know if you have a different configuration you’re willing to part with.

Will consider cash or trade.


Don’t know if you know it’s not really a headlamp. It’s an L-shaped Flashlight. Kinda big for a headlamp but if it’s what you’re looking for, I might have one. Just waiting for it to get back to me (it’s currently in Jamaica)

Actually have 2 PL47s for sale, but assume cost of sending overseas kills the sense of deal.

Neal’s gadgets has a few options… but not exactly what you are asking for here.
take a look here

I didn’t see any SST-20s, but he has both colors.

Hey all,

I responded via PM.

Also, traded messages with Neal. They only have the XPL Hi unfortunately.

@nydude, I’d love to sell it to you, but I love this light too much.

High CRI, decent reach for a floody right angle quad LED light, 21700 support, Anduril, great quality internal components.

Can’t part with this one. Only flashlight that I preordered. Couldn’t pass up.

What a tease! Haha.

Hey Blue, how does the beam compare to a D4S?

I use one as a headlamp literally nightly. I reach for it over my zebralights. I have three, including one of the champagne 4000k SST20s. That one doesn’t get used much though.

Hi, Anyone else have one of these they would be willing to part with?