Want to order XinTD X3 from Gearbest. Should I ____ or ____ or ____ ?

Should I, A. Have my head Examined. B. Run Screaming into the Night. C. Roll the dice and see what Happens ?



Definetly roll the dice! Then when it doesn’t turn up you will find yourself dealing with Gearbest’s customer services, you will run screaming into the night, get yourself arrested and get your head examined. Sorted. :smiley:

I ordered one recently from lightsastle and it arrived in perfect condition. they ony sell 1A version

Oops. I guess OP meant the Convoy X3.

Must say I bought quite a few from Gearbest, and had no issues with them… :bigsmile:

It come from them with either XM-L2 or XP-G2, on Noctigon soldered to the pill for the best possible heat path and with their own qlite driver and your choice of modes

I don't see others mention Noctigon soldered to the pill, or am I wrong?

The X3 does not have a pill to which a noctigon could be soldered, nor does intl-outdoor sell the X3 (at least currently)

I say definitely buy an X3, but you’ll have to make the final decision on who you buy from. I doubt they would fake the X3, because it isn’t a huge seller.

I was thinking of https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/25911

Would I be better off getting one with the LD25 Diver? I will not be modding it. I’ve read people like to order from Simon at Alibaba. Does he offer a discount for BLF Members? Thanks Again.