Want to trade: 3 X Led Lenser P5 - Australia

So, after moving house and unpacking everything, I just found 3 brand new led lenser p5s.

I bought these in my pre BLF days to give to a few mates, but thought I had lost them.

Each of them are brand new, in the original presentation box and come with pretty decent nylon hosters, lanyards and a "led lenser" branded AA battery.

I own another one of these torches, and I quite like it. They are single mode zoomies, with IMO have some of the best optics out there.

I am not trying to recoop what these lights cost me (as i said, I bought them in my pre BLF days), but thought I would open it up to trade.

I'm open to flashlights and batteries (18650s preferably)

I'm based in melbourne, and in the interest of keeping it simple I would prefer to keep this as Aus only (never seen that before on a b/s/t thread!)

If anyone is interested in trying one of these lights and unloading some of their unwanted torches, hit me up!

Im like you in that I like 18650 ligthts ...dont get me wrong Im a LL fan but hate goin backwards so got nothin to tade ...ya got a sellin price on 1 unit ?


I hadn't really thought about a selling price, if you want one I'll take whatever you think is fair.

Old - will get the pics up asap, not home yet (it will probably be tomorrow morning).

Thanks for the interest guys

PM sent

Pictures up!

think you need to check pic links I cant see'em

Sweet fa , that buck x lock was all I had to trade so Im out ...cheers

Images need to be hosted on an image hosting website

Tinypic, Photobucket are a few that I use.

Thanks for the advice mate, should be working now. (I hope).