Want to upgrade charger. Have an Intellicharger I4 v2.

Looking for a new charger. Nothing really wrong with my I4 just thought I should upgrade.

I only have two complaints about my I4 after almost two years of service.

1. The slider on the #2 slot gets hung up constantly. All the sliders feel cheap and crappy. This part of the design needs to be improved.

2. I can’t prove it but I think it has ruined one or two of my new Eneloops. I now only use it for LiOn cells and just use my Eneloop charger for NiMh.

What I want in an upgrade:

1. Safety. I don’t want to worry about it burning my house down when I sleep.

2. Ability to charge both NiMh and LiOn without damage.

3. It would be nice to be able to put any combination of cells in and have it charge correctly according to chemistry.

4. A digital readout would be nice but not needed

5. Under $40

6. 4 slots would be preferred but I can live with two really.

7. Gentle on my batteries. I don’t care if it takes 12 hrs to charge. I just don’t want it destroying my cells.

You might want to check out ‘Junk250’’s review of the Opus BT-C3100.

Then check out a proper review by HKJ.

Nitecore I4 has been noted potential to kill nimh, such as Eneloops, youre the second person Ive read make the claim they have. HKJ also notes the potential for that.

Nitecore D4 does not have the issue. Id look at Illumn for the the D4 if you go that way, they have them for under $22. http://www.illumn.com/nitecore-d4-digicharger.html

XTAR VC4 is another good choice, $27 at Gearbest with code XTARVC4. http://www.gearbest.com/chargers/pp_160440.html
or under $30 from Richard at MTN Electronics. http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=506&search=xtar

VC4 needs a suitable USB cable and phone charger puck. Any of those units that charge a tablet should be 2.1 amps output or better.

Arghhh!!! How??

I think it potentially misses terminations as it doesnt use -dv/dt.

I don’t think it affects all of them. My i2 would get NiMh really warm>hot=bad! Worked fine with Lion.

Get the Opus, you’ll be glad you did. Read the reviews. You don’t know what you are missing in terms of charging control and diagnostics.

I agree with recommending the Opus BT-C3100

It is very versatile and good enough for most. And the ability to test cells is very nice.

I also have a Pila IBC, PowerEX MH-C808M, PowerEX MH-C9000, two Nitecore I2 (for gifts) and some other chargers.

I loled irl. Not nice…