Wanted: Cheap Green Laser Pointer 18650

Wanted: Cheap Green Laser Pointer using18650

amazon or aliexpress — or others

links and price please…

would be nice if it included those little hologram pattern maker things - stars, criss cross, etc


I bought one of these not too long ago. It has the swirly dots attachment and variable focal point if you wanna burn something. Build quality is pretty meh, but it works. It’s 18650/18350, the battery tube is segmented so that’s nice. It also has a keyed switch at the bottom. The security of the lock is worthless, but it acts as a nice lockout so it won’t get accidentally turned on in a bag/pocket/whatever.


power is stated to be 100 watts
obviously it isn;t
do you figure to be 2mw, 5 mw, ?

If I had to guess, it’s solidly in the 30-50+ range. Output is really good, and can definitely burn stuff.

i also have one of these bottom key lock-out lasers.
it amazes anyone i show it to.
especially astronomy people.
children like the filters.
power is not 100 watts.
$10 is a whole lot less
than what i spent
6 years ago.

Holy hell this thread genuinely makes me frightened for the vision of everyone that has posted so far.

ESSENTIAL reading: Laser Safety Guide for Newcomers - How to safely lase! | Laser Pointer Forums - Discuss Laser Pointers | High Power Lasers

Assume every laser that isn’t rated 5mw or less by a reputable company WILL damage your eyes with unprotected exposure. Ratings on cheap lasers are notoriously not even close to accurate, and even worse there are plenty that don’t have IR filters - that means invisible light that will instantly damage your retina.

I can’t speak for anyone else here but yes, this is the assumption. I never said otherwise.

well, that is why we wear the 200 - 540nm O.D 6+ glasses for green.

one word of advice - they say not to run them over 30 sec continously

because the laser module will over heat

i am pretty sure this is what happened to mine

now it doesn;t make a dot any more, just kind of a smallish blur in the middle of a hazy green line


I have 3 Sanwu green lasers. Their 304 is an 18650/18350 and has a nice beam. The pocket series is my favorite just because it’s smaller than my pinky finger, more powerful than the 304, and sleek. I also have a 1.2 watt - I think it’s the challenger - with beam expander. One of my favorite lasers. It’s a few hundred $ though