wanted :Eagle Eye X6

Hey guys im looking for any Eagle Eye X6 flashlight,post or PM me will pay lil extra for one


You could get it from BG and have it DHL’d to you in 3-5 days.

im in that group buy but i cant wait no longer :) i though may be someone had a extra one to sell to mount on my new .22-250 rifle

Gotcha…can’t wait…I know what you mean…this flahaholilism is a terrible sickness :bigsmile:

if i get one before the GB is over i might add to my order :)

I've got one but I've already modded it - a lot. Bought it when i first heard about it.

However, I've already done all the mods to it - copper heatsink added under pill top, dedomed LED reflowed on a Sinkpad 2, resistor mod, 22awg wires, copper braid added to both springs, green gitd tailcap.... pretty much everything. With a Samsung 20R on high it gives 51400 Lux at 1m on my Lx1330b light meter after 30 sec.

Also, although the original 5 modes are still there, there is not much difference between high and medium. And it gets pretty warm when running on high .

If you're looking for a stock one this is not it. Since I'm in for 3 on the GB I could be talked out of this one.

Uh oh… looks like I’m going to need an extra one now. I currently have a stock solarforce L2 on my M4. Anyone know what the outside diameter of the x6 is?

im not to sure about the size

Don’t most 18650 sized battery tube flashlights fit the 1” light mount?

23.55mm width on the battery tube.

Some photos of modded X6 -

Added two R100s (4 total) to each side:

Added 16mm copper discs inside shallow driver cavity under LED shelf:

XM-L2 U2 1A hot Dedomed and reflowed on 20mm Sinkpad II w/22awg wires:

On high w/Samsung 20R getting 2.75amps to LED:

On Low getting 0.82amp to LED:

5 meter beam shot on white wall on high:

Here's the lineup, L to R we have a C12, the X6, C8, SRK, HD2010, ZY-T08, and an X40 ...you do realize this is a pretty small light right?

As mentioned above the light meter readings with this modified X6 at 1m on my Lx1330b light meter after 30 sec are: 51400 lux on high, 46200 on med, and 10600 on low. As a comparison the stock (except a dedomed LED) Convoy C8 shown above with the same Samsung 20R gives 31400 on high. Also note as I said this X6 gets pretty warm running on high and the entire light gets very warm all the way through the battery tube.... and after about 10 minutes it is too hot to hold and you need to switch to "low" to continue holding it.

I think this is about as hard as it can be pushed (without oven mitts to hold it) given the small size of the head and lack of room under the LED shelf to add any more heat sink material. I estimate the LED shelf to be ~ 3mm thick but did not measure it - just a guess by my calibrated eyeball .

But what the heck, it is a real nice pocket size and 51.4k lux is nothing to sneeze at, and it does make a nice pretty beam!

A followup - received the calibrated DMM from CK today (thanks CK!) and retested my modded X6 that I bought a few months ago and measured tail cap amps using a Samsung 20R and got these results:

Hi - 5.7 amps

Med - 4.2 amps

Lo - 0.9 amp

No wonder it gets so frickin hot so fast, I'm pushing it way beyond limits.... in true BLF form!

Maybe I should only use 1 added R100 per side instead of two, hmmm, naw me thinks I'll leave it like it is.

Thanks! I was looking for a comparison pic with the X6 next to other common lights… specifically a C8 and SRK, but the HD2010 is nice to see too.

Glad you confirmed that power reading, Max.
I run 2.8 amp small XM-L lights all day as long as I am heat-sinking it in my hands and never an issue.
Now if I leave it sit on a shelf, it gets warmer than comfortable.